lockdownLockDown is a new application available in Cydia that lets you protect individual applications with a password. If like me your iPhone gets into many hands, there might be some applications you’d like to use LockDown with.

If you have an iPhone and your kids are used to play with it, installing LockDown on a few of your apps might be helpful to prevent them from accidentally delete some of your stuff.

LockDown gives another layer of protection to your sensitive data, even though we saw that anyone willing to can easily steal your iPhone data.

You can download LockDown from Cydia for free. One advice though, don’t do the mistake I just did… Don’t install this on your iPad (at least not as of today) because it is not compatible and will get you into trouble…

  • jailbreakman

    I have been using this app for a little while now and it works perfect, “great job!!” and “Thanks” goes to @_BigBoss_ for this very user friendly app.

  • littletinymonkey

    Awesome.. thanks for sharing.. I am trying it now!

    I had used iProtect for the purpose of locking out my 3 year old from certain things and it has worked well. One thing I like about iProtect is the ability to disable icon deletion which I used to have a problem with when she would use the device. I think iProtect is geared more towards keeping someone out of things if your phone is stolen.. the downside to iProtect: it’s 8.99 and when I upgraded to a new iPhone, I am required to purchase another license.

  • littletinymonkey

    Sweet.. Lockdown also allows the user to enable or disable icon moving and app deletion. Hurry up with an iPad version! 🙂

  • slowhand

    Does this work for folders created with SBCategories, too?

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  • Arnout

    Helpp anyone… I can lockdown any app except for my photos ???? Anyone else has this promlem? I need to lock my picturessssss

  • Toested

    Great app, but does not work in iOS4. Hopefully, there will be an update soon…

  • SamuG

    I can’t seem to find anything called “lockdown” apart from a game?? Any advice?

  • badmotha98

    Lockdown & iProtect both are not working on iOS4. Too bad bcause i depends on them to keep things safe on my iphone. Alternatives?

  • Fadi Shaya

    I love CYDIA, and thanks nice app

  • Smallleopard

    Do I need to jailbreak the iPhone 4 before install the Lockdown application?

  • Can it work for ipod touches also?