AT&T Security Breach

When you deal with large and reputable companies, you might think your data is safe with them. Think again! A weakness in AT&T’s security recently exposed the identities and email addresses of over 114,000 iPad owners, including politicians, high ranked military officials, and top CEOs… Ouch!

Electronista explains the hack: Hacker group Goatse Security claimed to Gawker to have manipulated an AT&T website-side script that would return the e-mail addresses associated with the ICC-IDs of the SIM cards in Apple’s tablets. By using and guessing iPad ICC-IDs through a PHP script, as well as spoofing an iPad-like user agent, the group collected a large amount of personal information that included some well-known figures.

A bit after the news broke, AT&T issued a statement in which they recognized their mistake and said they were working on it. In brief, they gave the usual speech companies give when that kind of event happens.

So how bad is this really? Well, it’s not that bad. The worst thing that will happen is that these people are going to get some extra spam. The ICC-ID isn’t used in any secure access protocols so it won’t go much further.

If I were one of those affected customers, I’d give AT&T a call and would ask for a compensation. A year worth of 3G service might sound a little too much but 6 months free seems pretty reasonable to me.

Have you been affected by this security breach? If so, have you been contacted by AT&T? Did you ask for a compensation?

  • Okimdone


    This is why i don’t like anything involving apple. They all think they are soooo secure on their macs and ipoods. Well they’re not the only reason they didn’t have a problem before was because they were to shitty to be hacked or they weren’t popular enough for anyone to give a shit. They’ll never be able to compete with the PC’s security because of their constant threat of this stuff they have developed a lot more security than MACs or ipods will ever had.

    No I did not research any of this stuff, you expect me too. This is common knowledge to me so if you want to correct me feel free to, you’ll just be proved wrong in the end anyway.

  • ct

    ^^^ so your admitting your an idiot who talks out of his ass ?? this has nothing to do with apple if you can READ its a problem with att. PCs will continue to be POS that are slow, and are always freezing and nothing but annoying pop ups. and the only reason you dont involve yourself with apple is because your probably too broke to afford what they offer =)

  • thefallen



  • I hate you

    if you don’t like anything that has Apple on it WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING ON BLOG SITE FOR THE IPHONE, i think that is made by apple or do you have one of them , you two face twat

  • thefallen

    @I Hate You


  • Southern Dad

    I’ve used Mac and Windows based machines for years. There is no comparison. Ever hear anyone tell you that my Macs can do anything your PC can and then some? If I hold down the ALT key when booting up my Mac even thinks it a Windows 7 PC.

    The iPhone i still the best phone on the market. The iPad? You couldn’t get me to give my 64GB WiFi + 3G up without a battle. So what if AT&T accidentally gave out a few email addresses. Turn up the SPAM filter. I think AT&T should now offer to provide a SPAM app for everyone affected.

  • TheReal

    @Southern Dad

    “Ever hear anyone tell you that my Macs can do anything your PC can and then some? If I hold down the ALT key when booting up my Mac even thinks it a Windows 7 PC.”

    That is not a sentence. I have do guess at what you are talking about.

    I personal use all 3 major OS, I like Mac but I use linux for my servers and windows7 for coding and general use. I can do the same things on all 3 platforms, however, windows base computers are a lot cheaper. I only own two Mac computers but for the same price I have 6 windows base systems.

    I buy computers because of the programs I can run on them not because of the company or the Brand name, I can not play a lot of high end games on my Mac so I use my Windows7 systems. Both Windows and Mac suck as a webserver, so I use linux.

    All of you need to get over yourself and stop this Mac vs Windows crap because none of these companies are giving you any money for advertising for them. Apple and Microsoft makes a lot of money and how much of that did they give you.

    And finally, I am not sure why people still think PC means windows, PC stands for Personal Computer. Those stupid commercials made everyone just as stupid.