Invisible Shield for iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4 isn’t even out yet that screen protection is already available for it. Zagg was quick to update its product line with a new Invisible Shield for iPhone 4.

Yesterday I wrote an article in which I was mentioning the iPhone 4 will probably cost more in screen protection since it is covered with glass on the front and the back. I’m not big on screen protection but for testing the Invisible Shield in the past on my 3GS, I can tell it’s great quality products.

Invisible Shield is so tough that Zagg backs it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, they will replace it for free, for the life of your device.

If you feel like you’re going to need protection for your iPhone 4, click here to learn more about Invisible Shield for iPhone 4.

  • Eric

    And this should be much easier to put on the back without the curves. Great product. Won’t need it though. Glass like thisdoesn’t scratch unless u kick it across concrete. Do people drop their babies? No. So why do they drop their phones. Just curious. It’s pure carelessness.

  • Jason

    I never really liked the Invisible Shield for my iPhone 3G. I found that the edges curled up and collected dirt after a while. Of course once the edge lifts, it doesn’t stick properly after that. I also found that the shield “yellowed” and looked milky after a while. Not a big deal for the back side, but on the front, it changed the color and quality of the images being displayed. Lastly I always found the Invisible Shield a b!tch to put on. You had to spray down the coating to make it easier to place on the phone. The spray introduces a risk of getting moisture inside the phone and nobody wants that. Once you had the shield in place then you had to let it dry for a significant period of time or you risked having the edges peel up. Tough as nails though, I’m just not a fan of it. Save your money and look at the gela skins when they come out with their screen protectors for the iPhone 4

  • Bobby

    I am very disappointed with Zagg. I ordered protectors for my flip cam and my ipad and both were sub par. I complained to them that the ipad screen protector looked foggy and the touch wasn’t as responsive so they sent me a new protector but for my flip cam?
    My emails didn’t get anymore replies.
    Over priced junk. I find the screen protectors that come with DLO cases are the best

  • Burge

    I’ve got this on my 3gs doesn’t peel back or fog or go yellow helps though if you work with vinyls as I do. The only thing is the price, I would not have got it if I had knowd that it was just claer 80mic vinyl. I work with this and it does cost that much for the amount you get to cover your phone.
    When I get iPhone 4 I’ll just cope phone and use the vinyl I work with to cover it.
    I might even sell it online for 1/4 the cost of zagg

  • I have this for my current iPhone.

    I think it’s a great protector and I will get this for my iPhone 4.

    It’s a bit expensive but still I think it’s worth the money-

  • My question is this about the Zagg shield. I had it on my 3G and it definitely made a noticable change in quality to the display. Not that it was BAD, it just looked DIFFERENT. Almost grainy in a way. With the 4’s “Retina Display,” how much will the Zagg shield detract from the quality? Now that reports are coming out that the high grade glass is, in fact, scratchable, it’s tempting to check out this product on the iPhone 4. On the flipside, I have my 3G for almost 2 years and never managed to get a significant scratch. Take the change and enjoy the display or lose some quality and protect the device? Hmm…

  • Lucas Kunert

    Zagg was a waste of money for me. I tried about 10 times to get it on my 3G right and it either wouldn’t stay down in the corners, got bunched up, wouldn’t stop curling up on the curves of the back, etc. What a pain in the butt and a waste of about $25. Never again. I’m okay w/ leaving my 4 “naked” for now. I know I’ll take care of it /knocks-on-wood-so-he’s-not-jinxed.

  • Bud

    This Zagg shield for the iphone4 is crap, the side peices are too thin attracting dust and muck in no time. It’s so bad for a supposedly precision cut template that I may have to go and buy one of those awful bumpers this time.

  • Tom

    I tried the protective shield for my 3gs and found it to be worthless so i opted to buy otterbox from ebay and i like it and then i bought the iphone 4 and bought another otterbox. they are really good so both my phones are well protected, no issues.

  • waste money screen protector