Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC 2010

Steve Jobs keynote at Apple’s WWDC is now available in streaming. You  can watch the 2-hour keynote and see Steve-o unveil the iPhone 4.

I haven’t found a video download link of the keynote but you can watch it in streaming here.

  • Lydeth Chea

    I anxiously wait for its download links.

  • Burge

    Best bit iPhone 4 not working when the 3Gs did.
    All because thay say to many people on wifi, who got a bollocking for that ?

  • Morten

    The WWDC 2010 Keynote Video is available in itunes store right now. iam downloading it as we speak

  • Said

    I heard he was having trouble with the wi-fi there lol

  • Rully Lukita