Loyal to itself, Apple released nice videos with sweet music to go along the introduction of the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Design Video

FaceTime Commercial

Retina Display

  • Unknown

    Nice video’s , except last one, at 22 sec, the two a chars are fake, old A char has huuuuge pixels, new A char has nano sized pixels instead of 1/4th of those huuuuge pixels which still would be huge….a bit misleading, don’t know why they can’t be just honest about it….

  • Jason masters

    This is a mobile site and these videos aren’t viewable on my iPhone ???

    Looks like flash is still on top huh Stevie boy?!

  • Dylan

    bro, its all in advertising lol. Beautiful phone. That would make me switch back from android to iOS lol.
    Like the white alot too

  • Said

    mow that ive seen those videos man…i dont have the courage to look back at my OLD 3GS :((((((((((( amasing piece of technology

  • Lollok

    How stupid is this, u can watch the video on a site about the iPhone with an iphone

  • Lollok

    How stupid is this. U can’t watch video in a site all about iPhone with an iphone

  • Jason masters

    Lmao technology has it’s flaws

  • Unknown

    This iPhone 4 is awesome ! Face time is going to be the next thing

  • cofee774

    I Know isnt face time awesome !!!! Cant wait to head to my local apple store and my iphone 41

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Facetime ISN’T anything new. Phones have had front facing cameras for video conferencing for YEARS. I remember when Rogers (big cell phone carrier in Canada) dished out dozens of ads across all media platforms boasting the latest in technology and how video conferencing will be the next big thing. Guess what? People like you, #8 and #9, think Facetime is new. That’s how revolutionary, correction, re-evolutionary, this tech is.
    What’s next, a bluetooth headset you wear as sun glasses and see who you’re talking to through one of the lenses? Yeah, that’ll be great while you drive.

    I predict the second cam will be removed by the next iPhone.

    Oh, and speaking of Rogers, let’s see if their retail store systems last the day (when launch happens), without crashing and burning by noon, this time around.

  • Dylan


    Mabye so, but Apple made it better. Funny, many people like you come talk on blogs actin like you no everything, smartass, nd i bet the cam will stay, nd that apple has reinforced their retail store systems like AT@T nd T-mobile in Europe. O, nd Rodgers wont probably have something That big.+ Facetime is new. The idea isn’t.