goodreader ipad usbA few weeks ago we saw how to mount an external hard drive on the iPad. Today I’ll show you how to mount a USB stick on your iPad and access its content with GoodReader for iPad, all this compliments of French iPhone.

By default, a USB stick is automatically mounted in /var/mnt/mount1, which is a hidden directory of GoodReader. With the following hack, you’ll be able to bypass this issue once and for all.

This is what you need:

  • a jailbroken iPad with SSH on
  • an iPad camera kit
  • GoodReader iPad

Step 1: Connect to your iPad via SSH.

Step 2: Execute the following command lines.

mkdir /Volumes
mkdir /Volumes/USB
cd /var
mv mnt mnt_old
ln -s /Volumes/USB mnt
cd `find / -name`/../Documents
ln -s /Volumes/USB/mount1 USB

Step 3: Plug your USB stick in the camera kit. Wait for the error message and launch GoodReader.

Now you can navigate the USB directory directly from your iPad within GoodReader. By using “Manafe Files” in GoodReader you can get the “open with” option which allows you to choose what application to use to open a file. You will for example be able to open a .doc file with Pages and edit it.

Nice hack, isn’t it?

  • Noway

    Thanks Matt,
    the point is watch the movies without converting them to natively supported file format (kind of annoying for me), thats why I want to try with Oplayer or yxPlayer. If I’m not wrong, Oplayer store in the same folder (Documents) the files, so changing “cd: find / -name” for “cd: find / -name” should work, don’t you think?
    I have to check the exact names of Oplayer folders to be sure.


    • Rusty

      Hi there
      I was wondering if you could share with us how exactly did you link your Oplayer with USB
      I am kind of stuck on the last string
      tried cd `find / -name OPlayer`/../Documents
      gives back
      Usage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [path…] [expression]
      -sh: cd: ../Documents: No such file or directory
      then navigated manually
      ln -s /Volumes/USB/mount1 USB
      ln: creating symbolic link `USB’: File exists
      need help understanding how exactly it works
      Will appreciate your help

  • MAtt


    it’s the kind of thing to try yes.

    What you must be sure:
    – OPlayer directory name
    – subdir (if any ?!) of Oplayer where it stores its dowloaded movies localy.


  • Noway

    I will try this night, I will tell you if it worked.
    Thanks for all.

  • Noway

    It work. In some point I had problems linking “Volumes/USB” with mnt, I don’t know why,but finally I solved it. Now I can reproduce directly from USB any kind of video format (almost!) with Oplayer or xyplayer, great thing!
    Thanks Matt.

  • Robert

    Matt awesome hack. started work on the ssh stuff before i had the app. but still got it working. yay.

  • Robert

    crap now i cant get it to work

  • Robert

    FORGET MY LAST COMMENT i f’ed up. used ‘ instead of `

  • hksega

    it reads my USB stick, but I can’t find “Manafe Files” option under GoodReader, don’t have “open with option”

  • emulatronic


    It works for me, but just for one pendrive, not for the others. Also, before I could connect an USB keybord and write with it, and now I can’t.

    Another thing is that I never get the “error” message when I connect something 🙁

    I’m with 4.2.1

  • Matt


    for sure, Oplayer HD, does not have a space before HD…


    cd `find / -name`/../Documents

    It should move you to Documents directory of OplayerHD (it did for me with Oplayer for iPhone (the only difference is that there is no “HD” in the directory name)).


  • This is great. Thanks. the cd ‘find ‘ thing didn’t work for me, but I managed to do it in two steps (find, then cd the path) and it worked. My question now is if we have a usb powered hub, can we get two drives to work? Thanks.

    • Got it myself: Just insert the second disk and repeat the last two lines, only replacing mount1 for mount2. Cheers.

  • Hayder Hussein

    Instead of the line:

    cd `find / -name`/../Documents

    which did not work for me for some reason, I tried to find the complete folder path by myself in iFile for the Documents folder of the application. And it worked not just with goodreader, but other applications as well like “It’s playing” and now it directly playing videos on the usb without copying the file from the usb to the ipad.


    Very Nice job Matt!
    Thanks a lot…

    One question:
    Is it possible to make a symbolic link or any other type of link so that the files inside the USB can be seen directly inside the Documents folder of the application?

    There are some applications does not support file browsing like stanza.
    The only way for those applications to see the files is by putting the files inside Documents folder and without any child folders allowed inside it.

    I think in the NTFS systems in Windows it’s called Junction instead of using symbolic or hard links. But how can be done here in the ipad?

    Many thanks