How many times did I tell you that Verizon wouldn’t have the iPhone this year? One? Two? Actually more than that but I’m not going to link to every article about it.

Verizon spokesperson John Johnson told that there is no plan for Verizon to support the Apple mobile devices, in the “immediate future”.

Now we can play on the semantics of “immediate future” but to me it means, not this year, and probably not even next year. So forget all those unfounded rumors saying Verizon is testing the iPhone 4G or even the iPad on its network.

Again, Apple has a contract with AT&T to be the exclusive carrier for 5 years (there’s another 2 to go) and according to Steve Jobs recent interview at D8 Conference, both Apple and AT&T have been doing quite well: “AT&T took a big leap on us and decided they were going to trust us to do the right thing with the phone. And that’s worked out quite well for both of us.”

What does that mean? That means that whether you like it or not, Apple is sticking with AT&T and Verizon may have the iPhone in 2 years. But remember, Verizon is a CDMA network. CDMA is a dying technology and Apple is not used to betting on dying species, if you see what I mean…

How do you feel about that? Disappointed?

  • Paul

    I’m disappointed because if I buy an iPhone, I want to choose wich mobile operator is the best for me.

    And what if I want to change operator after this two years? Can I? Are the AT&T iPhones simlocked?

  • Juan

    “CDMA is a dying technology and Apple is not used to betting on dying species”….

    You couldn’t be more correct. Too bad that Verizon and Sprint feel the need to be the only ones on the planet with CDMA… Oh well…

  • Jeffery

    I’m happy. Vzw customer service blows. AT&T is awesome and very helpful. I told AT&T that I had problems with vzw and listed out my problems and current situation and they accepted me with open arms. It’s been 2 years and I haven’t had a issue with them yet. My service is getting better and better in areas also. My contract ends Saturday. Just in time to snag a 4g. Let’s hope they are $200 or less cause my wife wants one too

  • Juan

    @Paul: YOu cannot ever take a Phone chipped for GSM and use it on Verizon nor Sprint. They use CDMA and are not compatible technololgy. You can, however, take your phone to T-Mobile. And yes, they are SIM-locked to AT&T. But you can get around this by jailbreaking then applying the patch to unlock it. Mind you, this is a software unlock.

    If you buy an iPhone, Apple gets to choose the carrier that’s best for you. That’s just the deal with buying an iPhone…

  • Alex

    I’m actually quite happy about this because this may mean one of two things.

    1…Verizon might slowly get rid of their dying technology and we could possibly use Verizon on unlocked iPhones in the near future OR…

    2…Another network such as T-Mobile might try to squeeze themselves in for a little something something with Apple in about 2 years…..The way I look at it, the reason Apple won’t mess with Verizon is beacuse they have a dying technology and they just don’t feel like it meets their standard of doing business but T-Mobile aside from the numbers difference in customers….the service is pretty much the same.

    Plus, I’m tired of using the Edge network on my iPhone with T-Mobile!