This theme is called Stickers and is available on Cydia. I like it so much that I installed it on my iPhone. The only downside is that there are very few custom icons for it. Looks great though. What do you think?

  • I like it but I like all my icons looking the same, might have a look into creating some custom iicons for it.

  • Alex

    Is alright but I have to go with what LiamKenyon said..I like having all my icons look the same. I have a very nice dbar theme that I’ve been working on for months and I LOVE IT! I think that the themes you get off of cydia are only as good as what you put into them….you have work with them…create icons…change things…etc, etc…

  • said:

    this looks nice,
    i wonder where can i find any site with re-jailboken stuff…i mean some repositories who jailbreak the jailbreakers buyable apps

  • Z

    @Said: add a repo in cydia

    Sebastien, I never see you write about iNav themes that include spring jumps, categories, etc. I also agree with the statement above that all of the themes need to be worked on to match personal needs. Thank God for categoriesSB

    • @Z I wrote about an iNav theme once and it took me a few hours just to write a simple tutorial. I don’t like iNav themes much. I think they’re a pain in the ass to set up and not that convenient to use. That’s my 2 cents. You might have a completely different opinion.

  • Z

    @Sebastien a few hours?! Took me an entire day. I agree that detailed step by step instruction is important and a long process. They are a pain in the butt. But they look nice though =)

    P.S.: great blog, keeps me up to date with pretty much everything I need to know!

  • Ron

    Way helpful, in that lots of peeps like me whom may be
    Green, or (Noob)2 Jbrk/customization. Thus far most help on read to know so far! Apprec. All ihelp. Tons to learn, but that’s the rush!! Look 4wRd 2 mods:) kinda like maxn boost on my gti (most all stock, yet gti can fly! Maybe iPhone can talk to ecu(allow tuning, trbo timer etc,.:.) any how new toys are fun. But it’s much
    more/ when fun if able to learn and meet peeps w/same gig!Apprec insight on theme. Etc.