Some good news for those of you who accidentally upgraded their iPhone to OS 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.01. According to MuscleNerd, there will be an iPhone unlock for baseband 05.12.01 when iPhone OS 4 comes out later this June.

MuscleNerd revealed this information when someone asked him about it on Twitter.

tweet unlock 05.12.01

In his reply, MuscleNerd confirmed there will be an unlock for the iPhone 3GS but he also gave us a piece of advice that is too often disregarded.

tweet from mn about 05.12.01 unlock

It is indeed not widely understood enough that one should not update his iPhone right away when Apple pushes a new OS update. If you want to be able to jailbreak or unlock future iPhone OSs, then keep in mind not to update right away. Wait for a while until the Dev Team gives us a go or instructions to update safely while preserving the baseband.

  • Jay

    3 months, I’ve been waiting 3 months for this unlock. Dev-Team FTW!!!

  • Alex

    @ Jay…you act like you’re paying for the unlock software. Remember that if the Dev-Team wants, they could hold this unlock until NEXT July…don’t act like they owe you something because they don’t!

    June is just around the corner….like you wait 3 months so another week is not gonna kill you!

  • Cool …
    i just can’t wait for it to come out :))
    I don’t sleep at night ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait …

    (seriously … i should lay off the shugar)

  • I dont see why people are getting so worked up at this late stage of 3.1.3 since as when 4.0 was announced that basically wrote off any chance of the unlock coming out in advance.

    these guys arent gonna release their unlock only to have apple make some last minute changes and close the route forever. Be sensible, it’s in no-ones interest to give away the unlock back to apple.

    Oh, and for those screaming calling the guys who do this names: if it were me and I’d spent so much time hacking the phone, I wouldnt tell a soul. Ungrateful idiots.

  • Jay

    @Alex Stop being a dick! I’m just saying I’m pretty excited cuz i waited 3 months already and now it’s finally here. what did you thing i was saying? who do you think you are to teach people about manners? about life? i’m just giving praises to the Team and that’s it!

  • ok … please don’t fight …
    i am excited for releasing the 3.1.3 update unlock , but i am even more excited about the releasing of the 4.0 firmware …
    @Stewart Lawson – i am verry verry shure that a new os will have other holes in it …
    and i am also shure that the “cool guys” will find them …

    You can’t build an 100% full fails safe proof OS … Never … None is safe …
    i am pretty shure about that …

    And when software will not be possible (i doubt that will be verry verr soon) … they will learn to do it hardware ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Alex

    @Jay aka Internet thug!….alright…alright…you can call your mom and tell her she doesn’t need to drive to Florida to come get because I was picking on you…I’ll be the bigger man and walk away…you win…LMAO!

  • Steve

    Team Jay ftw. Alex is clearly a douche.

  • phil

    so is iUnlock released last weekend no good? (still not workin’ for me anyway)

  • thefallen


  • Apple I device lover

    Yes yes dev team rock

  • vwaudi

    Waiting since i bought this phone to unlock, Hopefully the iphone will be out on June 7th followed by the unlock for the 5.12.01 BB. Dev team and Geohot FTW!!!!

  • karess_09

    yayyyy!!! i’m super excited about this!!! Can’t wait until June

  • Anthony

    Its june 1 now and cant wait for that unlock software! Thanks Dev team!

  • rx350

    sup guy when unlock 05/12/01 coming out

  • sitruC naI

    Thank you dev-team!!!!, I screwed it up updating and missing the shift-restore at-once step. Impatience is always a bad partner.

  • Excites

    Excited excited…..
    When when when ?
    I need thus unlock urgently!!!
    Please please please

  • @Excites … man keep your pants on …
    It will be here eventualy …
    If they won’t do it, eventualy Steve will …

  • Excites

    I can’t…
    I walk with 3 devices…
    Blackberry for mails, N97 for phone and other mails
    my iPhone is totally ready for both mail Accounts ( multiple exchange accounts) and I cannot place foreign sim to make it work.
    It kills me to walk with all of this fevices, charge them etc.
    I need the unlock tool….. And dev team is my only hope ๐Ÿ™

  • vu

    when it come out

  • rx350

    cant wait unlock 05.12.01

  • Excites

    Are we going to get the unlock or not
    iPhone os 4 announced today and dev team does not show anything on their site
    please please please advie!!!!!!

  • kevinbeijing

    Sooooo many people out there are stuck w/ 3.1.3 and the new baseband. It’ll be nice once there’s an unlock available for us. I’d be willing to contribute $ to the cause…

  • it can unlock any firmware 3.1.3 or even 4.0 with the new bootrom including baseband 5.12.01

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    I hope your mother and father die, and after that, somebody will make you watch a scato movie,…
    And you will fell like that …

    For the rest of you …don’t folow that link… it takes you on a scato movie … and you won’t be able to quit the page…

  • i need crack!!!

    ok ppl ive been looking through some websites as we have all done trying to figure out when the dev team will launch the crack. it will arive here on the 27th of this month. 8:05 am or pm didnt really remember but o well atleast u guys have a date on when this shit will come outt. iff anyone has any questions just let me know on my E-mail its almost here ppl couple of weeks. also for those who are bagging on the dev team. look at it this way dont be a little puss and complain bout how long it took them to release this, they couldnt of done it any sooner!! reason be is that apple could fix the holes nd we would be waitin untill next july for another crack. and if the dev team wants they could just hold this unlock just because ungreatful fucks wanna talk shit. if you dont like how long it took them tough fuckin luck, u should of came out with an unlock sooner if u think u can.
    stop complaining n be happy that this 3.1.3 will no longer be locked. and the truth of it is, no matter what every softwear has a crack in it u just gotta find em. n the day they stop using softwear (if ever) is the day they will figurre out how to do it through hardwear(: also wanna give a lil holla out to the dev-team. thank you guys so dam much im using an HTC dash windows phone n omg does it suck fuckin cock!!! iphone is the best in my opinion n thanks to you guys i will be able to use my iphone shortly. please keep doing what u guys do noone is better at it!

  • Excites

    I hope you are right….
    Those release dates are oftenly changes.
    What great (or not ) about this is that we don’t have other options…..
    I am so frastrated…………..
    I am tires walking with 3 devices when I can do only one

  • Focal

    @ I need crack!!!
    You make a valid point about most all software having weaknesses.
    People have however alread learned how to hack the hardware of the phone to to do hard unlocks, it just isn’t a process that appeals to most.

  • not

    LOL ALEX IS A FAG! I’ll keep my mouth shut so I don’t make you cry. LMAO!

  • Excites

    is it coming today or not???
    How longer should we wait????
    I can sleep at night can’t work on day all i want is to free my iPhone… Please help!!!

  • @Excites …
    Dude, lay off the sugar :))
    i am in the same situation as you … nothing to do but wait :))

    take care, and drink your coffee black with no sugar ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Excites

    I can’t…. Dev team finally posted on their blog… But just a heads up and not a tool!!!!

  • Excites

    It works works works
    thank you dev team thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    Dolwnload ultrasn0w through cydia version 0.9.3
    I am so happy just made my first call