10 year old repairs iphone

If you ever cracked the screen of your iPhone, you faced 2 options. You could either pay $200 to have it fixed, or you could fix it yourself. Not sure you can do it yourself? Then check out this 10 year old kid who fixed his dad’s cracked iPhone screen in under 40 minutes, all this at the ridiculous amount of $21.95.

To make you feel better, the kid comes from a geeky family. Still, it’s a nice performance!

More pictures on Cnet.

  • Burge

    Is not as hard as you think to take screen out and put new one in. All you need is to take your time

  • blah

    I do them in 10-20 minutes… I’ve done over 100.

  • Knight

    Let just say the kid is 10 years old. He ia not even a teen. So give him a break and the credit he deserves. It kinda pathetic to see some people compare their work with a kid. Really, pointless and immature.

  • Eric

    Replaced my batter with a 1800 ma/h battery in 35 min. More involved. Have to remove every ribbon. But for 10. The kids the shit.

  • said:

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  • Burge

    I is not knocking the kid. I was just pointing out that of you take your time you can save a lot of cash.

  • Knight


    I didn’t say that you are mocking the kid. I was more gearing towards the comment of Blah. If I read the article right, its about the skill of the 10 year old boy and its not common for 10 year old kids to understand the concept of circuits and connections. Besides are there any parents will allow their kids to sliced up their phone and replaced the broken screen, especially by a 10 year old? We are talking about the talent this kid have not “I did this much or I do it all the time, I’ve done that 100 times”. Yah for your age I guess you did a lot.

  • ruffnek

    He’s not John Conner is he?

  • Alllyballly

    My clutch in my car needs replaced. can he do that?

    When I was his age I was taking apart radios, cassette players to make them work, I see no diffrence here

  • Burge

    if you are going to gear comments to other users, Then you need to point said comments at said users. Other wise other users will start to take offence to comments that you put when you are not pointing your comments at them.

  • Keith

    I am a fix it myself kind of person and thought that iPhone repair cannot be that hard… Not 2 minutes into the repair I accidentally broken my LCD trying to remove it from the frame. I just stopped before I could break something else and called http://www.repairmyiphonescreen.com and they resolved the issue right away and even fixed my mistake for way less than Apple wanted.

  • What a great resource!