redsn0w 0.9.5b4

RedSn0w has been updated to version 0.9.5b4 by the Dev Team for the recent iPhone OS 4 beta 4. This beta release of RedSn0w is not for casual iPhone users. It is aimed at developers of jailbreak apps so they can update their applications to work on OS 4.

RedSn0w 0.9.5b4 jailbreak for iPhone OS 4 beta 4 uses the same pwnage2 DFU-mode exploit that has been using since OS 2.X, so nothing has been revealed to Apple.

Because this version is for iPhone OS 4 beta 1-4 which contain a baseband update, anyone who’s remotely interested in unlocking should stay away from the OS 4 betas or even this version of RedSn0w.

Further information and instructions can be found here.

  • I’ll wait for the Official OS 4 cos i dont want to brick my iPhone. i already drop it and broked it in 2 peieces. LOL

  • Vikram K


    With Jailbreaks coming along nicely for 3.1.3 (spirit), OS 4 etc why is there not an unlock still available for baseband 05.12.01? Any ideas when it will likely be released?


    • @Vikram Unlocks are very different from jailbreaks. My guess is that the Dev Team won’t even bother working on an unlock for 05.12.01 because OS 4 is just down the street. Be patient.

  • Alex

    I had the same question too because it seems like they’re more worried about jailbreaks then they are about unlocks. BUT and there’s always a BUT…..OS 4 might have a completely different baseband then 3.1.3 does when you upgrade. Well just a couple of more weeks and we’ll see where we stand, right?

  • Burge

    If a unlock comes out for 3.1.3, Apple might patch it for 4.0 and then another exploit has to be found to unlock. And because most people on 3.1.3 are on the carriers that there iPhone came on there is no need go a unlock. And eny on who has Been jailbreaking for a while will know not to update to 3.1.3 or they will know how to keep baseband for unlock and just up grade fireware.

  • Alex

    @ Burge…I agree with you. I was just stating a point that most people have. I was smart enough to keep my firmware at 3.1.2 and not upgrade. But yeah, I agree with you but just like steve jobs says that chasing jailbreakers is a never ending mouse and cat game….idiots upgrading “by mistake” is a never ending process too!…I could put money on this, that once the 4.0.1 or whatever comes after OS 4 firmware comes out…there are going to be those idiots that are going to upgrade and they’re gonna lose their jailbreak / unlock… this is never gonna end!!

  • Sy cook

    Also like me and my cousin we both were on 3.1.2 and were JB with blackrain then one day it just wouldn’t reboot using pc. So had no choice but to restore thus being forced to 3.1.3 so everyones story is diff. Odd thought as blackrain was rebooting for me fine for months. Lucky that in uk operators just unlock u no questions for few quid 🙂

  • Kk stifler

    i dont think this shit baseband 05.12.01 will ever realease it already been 3 months my iphone iz 0off jus bcoz of this stupid base band i was using my iphone great wid 3.1.2 my 1 frnd says too upgrade it wid 3.1.3