aDownloader is a download manager that lets you download many different files to your iPhone or iPod Touch. With over 40 supported files, aDownloader will download all your files over any available network, from any site, including hosting sites such as RapidShare and MegaUpload.


The supported files include but are not limited to:

  • PDF
  • Word (doc and docx)
  • Excel (xls, xlsx)
  • PowerPoint (ppt, pptx)
  • Audio files (mp3, m4a, wav)
  • Videos (mpeg, 3gp, mov, youtube)
  • Image files (jpg, png, gif, bmp)
  • Text files (txt, html, xml)
  • RAR and Zip archives (including multipart, password protected)

With aDownloader, you can easily manage and organize your downloads by creating folders, copying, deleting and moving files around.

This app gives you access to multiple simultaneous downloads, with no file limit. You can pause/resume interrupted downloads. If your internet connection fails, you can even resume your download later.

Finally, the best feature seems to be that you can download/upload your files to/from your desktop computer via your web browser.

I haven’t tried aDownloader myself but it sure looks like a winner for those of you who need to regularly download files to your iPhone.

aDownloader is a free application you can download right now from Cydia. If you try aDownloader, please share your feedback with us in the comments section.

  • Doming

    I have big boss repo but can’t find adownloader. I need help

  • Kaft

    It crashes .

  • slowhand

    Personally… I don’t like the overall handling…
    Plus, I don’t like having to use a seperate browser to download stuff…

    So: Goin’ back to Safari Download Manager

  • IAdams

    Going back to Safari Download Manager would be great, but it hasn’t been made compatible with th iPad yet.

  • slowhand

    Oh, ok… My bad…

  • IAdams

    But I have read & just confirmed that Safari Download _Plug-In_ does work on the iPad. So perhaps that’s a solution.

    aDownloader seems to require too many steps to do anything & there doesn’t seem to be any manual or instructions for it.

  • ZWolf

    well the app works fine and does everything it supposed to
    for a short period of time then you come to a daily limit for the “free users”

    you get unlimited if you pay for it

    My suggestion to the people responsible for this app
    would be make it known that you are downloading a limited free app
    only by paying can you access the commercial version
    you wont give anyone the shits that way..


  • i need programm for dwonload just

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  • Calvin

    I have download it,
    I do webshare.but it only show on my iPhone.
    It doesn’t on my computer.
    Can u tell me what’s wrong?
    And how to make it works?

  • I downloaded it but really can’t figure it out.for example…I download zip..and from rapidshire on my computer..they said you can do from the iPhone.. I don’t see how..I’ve had it for 5 days and don’t really see a need in’s just another bullcrap palace they have that fails once again..

  • Dan B

    This is shit says it works with megaupload but doesn’t!! only thing I can find that works with megaupload is filer!!

  • Carlos Spicy Weener

    If the app does not appear in your home screen, just search it!

  • Dave o

    It’s a cool app . Great for downloading music so you don’t have to use iTunes.although I am eratated in generall about how you can’t just plug the iPhone to computer through USB and do stuff. My girls got the blackberry and the way they have it set up and file management is way better then iPhone.. If this app could let you view your iPhone files through USB just like anything else nowadays it would be the best must have app. Other then that it’s to much stuff to go threw for all that.

  • is itune only opreted by wi-fi network naves can opprete by Internet if yes then please email me.

  • is itune only opreted by wi-fi network naves can opprete by Internet if yes then please email me.and how can I store any download material via Internet in my Ipod meusic & videos

  • how can I store any download material via Internet in my Ipod meusic & videos

  • Nothing like aDownloader for Android. The Android version can download torrents.

  • I’m switching back to android!!! Wayyy better and more options.

  • This is nothing like adownloader!!! I hate my iPhone! Well back to my HTC!!!!!