Thinking about installing the iPhone 4.0 beta software on your iPhone?  Think again! Several weeks ago I made the executive decision to install the new beta software on my precious iPhone. Big mistake! The beta was only in its second stage and nearly unusable on my outdated 3G iPhone model. Not only that but the features that excited me about the new software were non existent. I understand some features will only be for 3GS and later models, but wow.

I couldn’t activate my camera most of the time, it would power cycle every time I launched the web browser, and half the time I couldn’t tell if the phone was charging or not. Now before you fill the comments section with ridiculous  “that’s why they call it beta” remarks, I knew that. I just had that “gotta have it now” mentality that I know a lot of our readers can sympathize with as I have read the “help! i upgraded to 3.1.3 and lost my jailbreak” comment more than once throughout our site.

Not only was my phone unusable, but I couldn’t revert back to an earlier version either. I didn’t do any kind of baseband umbrella so of course, my baseband could not be downgraded.


Well, after version 3 of the 4.0 software was released and I installed it, I saw a lot of improvements on the above mentioned bugs. Now that version 4 is out, they are almost non existent. The best part of this version is that they finally made available the ‘folders’ feature.

The best implementation of a ‘folder’ system I think I’ve seen on a mobile device. A folder is created simply by dragging one icon on top of another, and you are instantly offered the chance to edit the name of the folder. I’m definitely excited to see what the next beta will reveal as we are still weeks away from any official announcement on a consumer-ready iPhone 4.0 download at WWDC in June.

  • I don’t know what you’ve been doing wrong but the folder functionality was available on the first beta of 4.0.

  • pn2bade

    Is there a limt on how many apps can go into one folder, and is there a limit to how many folders you can have?

  • madsser

    folders = day one

  • Cody lee

    Ouch, so this is where I say I mustve been an idiot and just not tried dragging one icon to another until I did this beta. I think this is the first time that after install a couple of icons were in folders by default, so that was my indication that the feature had implemented. I could be wrong there too though, either way thanks for the comments guys!

  • Burge

    12 icons per folder. 16 folder icons per page ,11 pages and don’t for get the dock !, friend of mine got beta’s on 3gs and yes you are a fool to use beta’s. He has had all sorts of problems and a few apps still don’t work, but the best thing is the camera ( would you like the camera to save your loction ) it works and you can see a map of where pics were taken..

  • iPhone 3GS

    I have been loving 4.0 since beta 1. Beta 1 was pretty stable but Beta 2 was really bad. Betas 3 & 4 have been very stable. I miss my jailbreak but I am really loving the new folders. I used to have 11 pages of apps but condensed them down to 1 page thanks to the folders.

  • choemin

    gonna give Android a try on my iPhone 3G

  • Rick

    Truly this is the best OS yet, I got it at iponeostest.com and guess what Im tethering!! You heard me right tethering….

  • Z

    Has anyone started working on a jb for OS 4.0? Something is telling me it’ll be out the same day OS 4 is available to public.

  • Ricky

    I need to know where to find OS 4.0 beta 4 . I did not realize they expire . I installed beta 1 a in April , some prblems but bearable until last night. My phone is in emergency call only mode. I don’t remember where I downloaded beta 1 from and as you know my phone is useless right now. HELP !!!!! please, I need some suggestions.

  • Ronel

    Please somebody help,I have Iphone 3GS V3.1.3 having a big icon display in the screen so i
    cannot see all application if going to use it.It happen when my daughter age 3 yrs old play to the photo library.please help to return to normal screen

  • Matt

    Please tell me there is a way to undo what this has done to my antiquated 3G?!!!!

    Everything has slowed down on my phone to the point where half the apps just close if it takes too long. My 8GB is only a third full (some would say 2 3rds empty) and my phone now runs like a f-ing PC!

    Shame on you apple for doing this to your customers. It seems like a cheap ploy to suck people into a newer version of your products.

    I think it is now time to reconsider the switch back to Verizon.