Today is a busy day for Ryan Petrich, who just released DisplayOut and is now releasing Display Recorder.

display recorder

Just like ScreenRecorder, Display Recorder records your iPhone screen in real time. Thanks to this application, you can now easily record what’s going on on your iPhone screen.

Here is a list of features available on DisplayRecorder:

  • Records directly to high quality AVI
  • Web interface to manage recordings
  • On-device YouTube uploading
  • Adjustable framerate & quality settings
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding
  • Activator integration for quick access
  • Remote control via web interface

Unlike ScreenRecorder, Display Recorder uses little resources, you’re not limited in the video length, and it is generally much more stable. The app also allows you to export your videos directly to YouTube.

Display Recorder is available from Cydia for $4.99. It is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G only.

  • Nice! i am using ScreenRecorder right now and hope this new one is better.

  • Reza

    The files are not saved in a recognizable place with a recognizable file name.
    Go to the root folder > Librery > Display Recorder > Resources > ________
    The file has a weird long name.

  • Web interface? how to?

  • Tamashii

    does work with iphone 4?

  • Somebody tested with iOS4 or iPhone 4?

  • Jordan

    I have tested on iOS4 with an iPod Touch 4G…works great!!

  • Clark

    Is there a way to take the footage recorded from that and to put on your computer instead of directly uploading it to YouTube?

  • p2

    can it work with a 3g iphone if it is running 4.2.1?

  • Jim

    Can you record sound at the same time?

  • martin

    where can i download display recorder by ryan? i need it for the iphone 3G – does it work?

  • why i we purchase for free

  • why cant we purchase for free

  • Ed

    It seems like this doesn’t record Audio. Anyone?

    If not, any chance of an update that records audio too? Thx!

  • iconwin

    Iphone 3gs – FW4.1 – BB6.15.00

    Worked Great for me, can’t ask for more 😛 Thanks a million to Ryan Petrich!!!!!

  • Lpp504

    How do u view the video without uploading to youtube

  • Lpp504

    How do u view the video without uploading to youtube on display recorder

  • Romenio Roseval

    I want cable record this suck

  • Anime_Red_Rosa

    How do I download this