Want to turn your iPhone into a fan? There’s an app accessory for that! Actually, German company HMB Tech has enough original accessories to make Inspector Gadget jealous.

For 20 Euros, my favorite is the iPocketFan for iPhone (see video bellow).

But HMB Tech as something for everyone:

Like Gizmodo says, “there’s enough add-ons and apps here to open a doctor’s surgery”.

It’s incredible what you can do with an iPhone. I think this is just the beginning. We’re probably going to see more and more of these accessories in the future.

If you could create your own iPhone accessory, what would it be?

  • greytone

    Will it take off?

  • said:


  • Marie

    These guys need to market this thing in magazines aimed at women “of a certain age”… i.e. the hot-flash market! The inventors will be millionaires overnight! 🙂