I found out about a very nice theme called iAwesome thanks to AIS so I wanted to share it with you.

iAwesome is a WinterBoard theme that contains 304 redesigned icons (though all icons are modded… more to come on that), wallpaper, status bar, lock screen wallpaper, lock screen battery, badges, pop-ups and quite a few UI mods.

The nice thing about this theme is that it contains an icon overlay which means that all icons are modded… not just icons that have been designed for the theme. If you go into the App Store, you will see that even the icons in the AppStore are modded with the overlay.

What do you think of this theme?

  • Colten

    I love it!!

  • Brian

    I just downloaded it and i love it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Aaron

    I really like it, however for some reason the overlay images are a different size than the themed ones? It is subtle but it bugs me a little bit. Are there other themes that have overlays? I HATE partial themes so I think the overlay is the way to go.

  • why is there a quicklauncher screenshot?

  • EL

    Hmmm….I’m using weathericon and liveclock and it seems that they dont have an icon for that…

  • Daniel

    My default iPhone apps do not have the new icons.. it is using the original ones.

  • bliblabla

    its to much

  • atavision

    it’s a nice theme, a big thumbs up for the icon overlay that makes all my icons look like they came from the same set, but I’m personally not a fan of any theme that limits my choice of lock screen and wallpaper. Allow me to get rid of the ubiquitous Apple logo and set my own wallpaper and you’ve got a winner.