Earlier today I told you about FullForce, a new app by Ryan Petrich. Ryan is very prolific these days as he has yet another app available in Cydia.

Ryan’s new application is WiCarrier, a very simple app that displays the name of the wifi network you’re connected to in your status bar. Additionally, it can display your IP address as well.

wicarrier after 1

After installing WiCarrier from Cydia, you will notice that if you’re on wifi, your carrier name has been replaced by the name of the wifi network. If you tap on the network name, it will display your IP address.

wicarrier after

While it’s not a breakthrough app that will change your life, it’s still a nice little tweak.

  • c4pt0n

    this is cool, working fine on my 3g

  • Yeah great little tweak if you find yourself searching for your networks IP address a lot!

  • Spazbite33

    hey sebastian, just a question, do you make money out of this website?? im geussing you do via the adds?? was just interested as i was thinking about something like this, could i ask how much roughly do u make from it?
    keep up the good work!!!

    • @Spazbite33 Yes I do make money with ads. I’d rather not share how much though.

  • Morten

    Nice tweak. Would be nice if it could get on app store, because i would rather not jailbreak my iPhone 3gs

  • Eugene Mok

    Does anyone know if WiCarrier works with jailbroken IOS 7.0.4?

    PS: iDB is awesome. Thanks for the great website and podcasts.

  • Love this. So simple. So useful