Yes, you read it right, you can mount an external hard drive on your iPad. This hack isn’t the easiest one to perform but it’s not very complicated either. If you know your way around Terminal, SSH and the likes, you should be fine.

Maxwell Shay wrote a very good tutorial on how to mount an external hard drive to a jailbroken iPad. I haven’t tried it myself but I wanted to share the info with you as I think it’s a pretty nice accomplishment. You can read the full tutorial here.

If you try to add an external hard drive to your lovely iPad, let us know how it went by leaving a comment.

  • Paul

    Good tutorial, but too many things to do… no?

    Maybe you need to do all this once and then it’ll work forever… if not… wooo… be sure you copied everything before you unplug the HDD! :S

  • Chris

    Can you play media content off the hard drive? i.e. movies, tv shows,etc?

  • I didn’t realize it would be that complicated. Maybe a easier way to mount an external hard drive will come out in the app store soon.

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  • It’s little complicated. I suppose there must be some easier ways to do so or must be coming in near future. I too always look forward to these kind of things and sooner or later will get some effective way to do so.