Since the launch of the iPad about a month ago, I started writing about it, even more and more as I got an iPad myself. At first, I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t know if I should create a new blog specific to the iPad, or if I should write about it here on iPhone Download Blog.

Sure the name of the blog is “iPhone Download Blog”, and one might expect to see iPhone stuff only. But the thing is the iPad and the iPhone are so similar that I feel like the iPad has a place here on the site.

Some of you have been complaining about it, saying that I should start another blog just for the iPad. That really is the last thing I want to do. Having 2 sites means twice the work load. Besides, as I said above, I believe the iPad and the iPhone are pretty much the same devices and deserve to be on the same site.

A few of you said that you won’t read the blog anymore if I keep posting about the iPad. That sucks. Do you stop watching Comedy Central because you don’t like South Park? Probably not, you just don’t watch it. You can do the same here. If you don’t like an article, just don’t read it. Chances are the next article will be to your liking.

This being said, I’d like to see what you think. If a majority of you doesn’t want to see any iPad-related articles here, then maybe I’ll make the painful decision to take my iPad stuff to another site.

Please take 3 seconds to give your opinion on this matter. Thank you.

  • amit

    you should make a new category / page at top for ipad blog, keep it seperate but still on the same site win win for everybody.

    you just need to select catorgory when you publish articles
    members can just select what blog they want to view.

    im my opinion (web developer) splitting off to another site never works well, all the seo is on this site, and everyone comes here, the ipaddownloadblog will be unread by many people.


  • I live in europe, and cant get the iPad for any resonable price, and even if I could I probably would not, since I think it is flawed without adobe flash and a front facing camera.
    But it is your site, and I think if you split it up the iPhone site would slowly die, you said it your self that your iPhone is jealous on your iPad, and that you feel like a giant when using the iPhone since you got the iPad.
    All hinting at the fact that the iPad has taken over a lot of the stuff you previously did on your iPhone.

  • pigsy101

    Living in Australia I don’t give a stuff about the iPad … (yet). Dunno when it’s going to come out and for the moment don’t care. My focus is on the new 4G that will be released in a few months and when it does I wanna keep tuning into this site (amongst others) for just stuff related to the iPhone.

  • Albion

    I don’t have an ipad and I don’t think I ever will. Just think the thing is a stupid expensive device made for a bunch of kids that don’t know better.

    But I don’t see why sebastien shoudnt be writing about it here. As a metter of fact he can do whatever the f he wants. stop threatening with stupid coments like oohhh we leave and never read this blog anymore, go ahead f off. If u see ipad article simply don’t read and read whatever the f else u like.

  • Alex

    I don’t own an ipad yet but I think I would like to get one in the near future and the more you talk about it, the more I want to get one! Like I said before, is a great product by Apple and with the new Spirit jailbreak tool…is 100 time more better now!

    @ all the haters!…..If you don’t want to see the iPad articles or are not interested (whatever your problem may be)…just scroll down and read another aricle. Nobody’s is forcing your hand here…you have a choice…..stop being such little kids about things!

  • brnmtf

    you should make separate rss feeds for iphone and ipad

  • Yes I might just do this. I will probably set up 2 RSS feeds (one full, and one without iPad stuff).

    I would also add a section of the site without any ipad stuff, just like TUAW does for the iPhone.

  • Bobby

    From the polls I have seen, many iPhone users also own a iPad.
    I feel it goes hand in hand and many of the new cydia apps will work for both. Also I don’t think there’s enough content for a separate site.

  • greytone

    I think they go hand in hand but it would be nice to have the ability to filter.

  • Rico

    Y don’t u just start talking about nokias

  • No, beacause it is talked about in every other blog in the world wide web….its a kind of annoying.

  • Juan

    I would at least create a new category/tags/etc.. but I think iDevices are ok for the blog, regardless of the domain name. just my 2 cents.

  • Burge

    Keep writing about the iPad here cause no doubt the next gen iPad will be alot better the the large iPod that is out now, and it would be alot easier to read about stuff on one site for iPhone / iPad

  • Spazbite33

    its called iphonedownloadblog, not ipaddownloadblog, so i come here to read iphone news not ipad!!! make a ipad one and link it up with this one like mac rumours i think!!!

  • NoahFence

    OK…. in the heat of the moment, I said I wouldn’t read the blog if I saw another iPad article. I apologize for my childish behavior. 🙂 I just remember the good ‘ol days when I was excited to get an email notifying me of the latest addition of the iPhone Blog. Since the birth of the iPad, my excitement has diminished because although the two products are similar, the reports on the iPad so far have no relevance to the iPhone. I like the ideas presented by others to implement some sort of method to filter the blog

    All in all… Thanks for creating this very informative blog. I will continue to read it regardless!

    Create a great day,


  • s7ewar7

    Happy to hear all about iPad but feels like the humble iPhone is being neglected

  • jgr627

    Bring on the iPad news n anything iDevice related

  • Brian

    I think you said it best with this comment

    ((A few of you said that you won’t read the blog anymore if I keep posting about the iPad. That sucks. Do you stop watching Comedy Central because you don’t like South Park? Probably not, you just don’t watch it. You can do the same here. If you don’t like an article, just don’t read it. Chances are the next article will be to your liking.))

    I have to agree with this 100%.

    However, some do make a good point..with time being such a premium (meaning, most dont have time to waste), maybe you could do different feeds so that those not interested in the ipad dont have to ‘ignore/skip’ stuff to find the info they want. If this is possible and easy, then I would do it..if not, I wouldnt worry about it as like you said, it is easy enough to see something your not interested in and simply skip over it…

    I 100% agree that another seperate blog should NOT be set up….like you said, thats twice the work when it should be able to be incorporated in to your current blog, without too much effort….and yes, I really am not interested in reading about the ipad, but A) I dont mind skipping over that stuff if it doesnt interest me and B) I can put myself in other peoples shoes to see how they may think….For instance, although I dont care about the ipad, what about those that do and also care about iphone/itouch? Seems crazy for these people to have to go to 2 seperate blogs when it can all be contained in 1 blog with a tad bit of organization….RSS FEEDS///You can maybe put up TABS for each device and people can click on whatever tab for whatever device they want to read about…..

    Just my .02 worth ;>)

  • Just make two separate categories, iPhone and iPad, and categorize posts appropriately. Posts that apply to both devices can be tagged with both categories. RSS feeds by category will automatically be generated by wordpress, and you can promote them as such, making clear that there is an iPad feed, an iPhone feed, and one for Both.

    This is what the links will look like:

    Then you can freely post about whatever news you wish, and your viewers can choose which news interest them. Everybody wins.