ipad bookmark bar

A bookmarks bar allows you to quickly access your favorite sites. Since the iPad has a pretty big screen, it’s now possible to show a bookmark bar in Safari.

By default, the bookmark bar in Safari for iPad is hidden but you can easily activate it by going to Settings > Safari > Always show bookmarks bar.

To add bookmarks in the bar, you will have to save new bookmarks in the “bookmarks bar” folder.

That’s a simple tip that can come in very handy if like me you like to optimize the amount of clicks (or taps).

  • Chris

    Why do you keep post crap about the i pad this is suppose to be a blog about the iPhone that’s why you called it iPhone download blog. If you want to talk about the i pad then create a seperate blog for it. No one gives a crap about that stupid thing anyway.

  • NoahFence

    I concur!!! Well, mostly. I’m sure there are probably some people that give a shit about the iPad. I, however, couldn’t care less! Like Chris said… Create a blog for that if you feel inclined to talk about it! Any more iPad reports in the iPhone blog and I’m gone. I have enough spam as it is!



  • Simon

    I appreciate the iPad coverage. The iPad is running the iPhone OS so it is a great candidate for the blog. How can you trash a product that is running almost identical software and has the same user interface as the iPhone? If it says iPad in the title and you don’t want to hear about the iPad just don’t read it! I just discovered the bookmark bar myself and it is a nice addition worth mentioning.

  • Alex

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! This blog is free! Sebastien isn’t charging any membership fee or anything like that! This is his blog and if he wants he could talk about dogs and french fries all day long….and If you don’t like it, hit the road jack! Go and hit up another blog!
    I agree with Simon……the iPad is running the iPhone OS so I kind of like hearing about what new things the iPad can do.

    @NoahFence…..first, what kind of name is that??? Second of all, I’m sure that if you and your little brother Chris took off, it would not hurt Sebastien’s feelings. If you took off along with your little brother…it would actually be a prayer answered….go ahead take off!

    @Sebastien…can you write about 50 more articles about the iPad….I think I want to hear about the iPad…I think your loyal readers want to hear more about the iPad!!

  • NoahFence

    @Alex… Thanks for clearing up the confusion concerning the lack of a subscription fee for this “iPhone” blog. Let me return the favor and clear up a couple of misconceptions for you.

    My name is not Jack. Nor is Chris my little Brother. As far as I know, we are not related at all.

    NoahFence is my pseudonym. It’s also a play on words. I’ll give you some time to mull it over. Once you figure that out, maybe we can work on your punctuation.

    I can understand your cute little adoration of Sabastien as he is a skilled journalist, however, I think it would be in the best interest of his readers if he took a poll to see what we REALLY want instead of going by your/my opinion.

    No Offence

  • iPhone 3GS

    I wasn’t a big fan of the iPad when it was first announced but after playing with one and seeing the cool 3rd party apps for it, I’m looking forward to purchasing an iPad in July. Right now I’m saving my money for iPhone HD (or whatever Apple plans on calling the new iPhone).

    The haters are more than welcome to leave. The iPad does run iPhone OS and it makes complete sense for this blog to post articles about it.