spirit requires itunes 9

The Spirit jailbreak tool is probably the easiest jailbreak ever, however, like every piece of software, it is not perfect. Even though Spirit was updated yesterday, a few users still face issues.

One of the most common one is the error saying that “Spirit Requires iTunes 9 to function. Please install a correct version of iTunes and run Spirit again.”

In this case, Spirit believes you are not running the correct version of iTunes, even though you are.

There is a simple fix for this:

Step 1: Download Spirit Fixer by Kirma (mirror link)

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file then run Spirit.Fixer.By.Kirma.v1.01.exe

Step 3: Run Spirit.exe

It should work.

[via Tech Petals]

  • I couldnt believe how quick and easy the JB was. It did need me to set it to “run as win98” but that was easy and two clicks later it was jailbroken. I did notice all my pictures were gone and the later update didnt bring them back but hey ho – ya gotta be ready for a little sacrifice. Fantastic.

  • Eric

    I had that error. I just ran it as administrator and it worked right away. Dontvthink u need to go through all this stuff.

  • AUSTIN3:16

    I had the error running on windows 7 64 bit and I ran my registry cleaner then I ran Spirit again and it worked. I’m guessing the error is caused by an old registry file.

  • Psymon

    I love the jailbreak I’ll sacrifice some pics ya dig

  • @Austin3 : I have the same problem whit my windows 7 64bit. But also is not working after i run registry cleaner 🙁

  • Peszawa

    it is still not working 🙁

  • kortikal

    Big fake do not work …….

  • Nutce’

    I just jailbroke my Iphone running on 3.1.3 (7E18) on 05.12.01 using spirit and this fix. I had to search for dll files but I got it. I can tell you what i done.
    (libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll, asl.dll, mobiledevice.dll.)
    I put them in =
    (C:program files/common files/apple/mobile device support)
    (C:program files/common files/apple/apple application support)


  • Abs

    Thanks a lot!
    I Jailbroke my iPhone 3.1.2 using spirit and installed a few apps…i was unlocking it when it got stuck in the apple logo. So i restored my iPhone to 3.1.3…but when i tried JBin it again, it jus wouldn’t do it…so thanks a lot..it worked for me!!


  • 54321

    This fix is still not working for me . :/
    Still a few bugs im guessing ??

  • Lee

    Still another roadblock… After running the fix, Spirit gives me the error code c0000135, and asks me if I want to see the log (no output if I click yes or no). Trying to find a fix but everyone seems to only have advice for Windows 7 users. I’m on Win XP, so it doesn’t help to run in compatibility mode. Anyone run into this or know how I might fix it?

  • jessie

    it still doesnt work what should i do plz help me );

  • 2b3

    big thx its working 100%

    to all: put Spirit.Fixer.By.Kirma.v1.01.exe to same folder with spirit.exe
    i have ipt 3g 32Gb and it working !!!!

  • Batking

    Works for me!


  • maaasdf

    @Nutce’ s advice worked for me! 😀

  • Lee

    Well, I tried again a few days later and it worked. Must’ve needed multiple reboots, or time to get comfortable with my pc before it would work correctly. Additionally, after my iPod was jailbroken, I copied a pile of .ipa apps to iTunes and it said it couldn’t sync any of them. A week later I had plugged in my iPod and it said it was synchronizing; the files were suddenly transferring. I’d like to tell others what I changed, but I don’t know. I just gave up and it eventually worked. Watched pot never boils… lol

  • not working …..sad 🙁

  • Phaora

    Thank you so much for Spirit fixer. It worked for me.

  • Rolney

    it works for me too thks 2b3 and thks for the link

  • David

    when i try to use spirit fixer it says it isnt compatible with the operating system y is it like that


    i just downloaded spirit and the first thing i get is the error for update for itunues! i do my research and get spirit fixer by kirma and still says the same thing so what now? can someone help PLEASE!!

  • labanane

    hi guys,

    It was not working for me until i create a folder on my desktop to put in it :


    then I started “Spirit.Fixer.By.Kirma.v1.01.exe” and then “Spirit.exe”

    and IT WORKED !!!

    hope it will work for you too

    ps: sorry for the french accent 😉

  • haris

    Fixing this error code: c0000135
    Here is the solution, C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ bin directory there. DLL file suffix all copied to C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support\ directory , and then point jailbreak, now u have a successful jailbreak

  • how is you hahaha

  • canot in lokal disk c the no windows

  • equires iTunes. and have is

  • TONY

    Apple just released an update to iTunes in the form of iTunes 9.2, however, if you jailbreak your iPhone, here is some advice from the dev team.

    Don’t install today’s iTunes 9.2 if you plan on using Spirit for fresh JB (but it’s fine for PwnageTool & redsn0w users)

    Do no upgrade to iTunes 9.2 if you are using the Spirit jailbreaking tool, however, if you are using redsn0w or PwnageTool to jailbreak the iPhone you can safely upgrade to iTunes 9.2.

    Apple will also be releasing iOS4 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch shortly. iOS4 will be made available as a free update and can only be installed using iTunes 9.2, so if you have used Spirit to jailbreak your device you will have to wait till an update is available to it.

  • will this work for ipo touch 3rd generation 4.0 MC model?

  • Bob

    dude it didnt work thanks a bunch!

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  • Thanks I am always here reading your stuff and I have to say you have some interesting articles

  • how do you download spirit to itunes? does it cost money?