Spirit, the userland jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is finally available. We’ve been waiting for Spirit for quite a while now. It was supposed to be released last Friday but Comex, its developer, decided to wait a few more days to make sure new iPad 3G owners would have time save their SHSH blobs, but also to finish up Spirit and make sure it was 100% reliable.

For the occasion, Comex developed a new website for Spirit at SpiritJB dot com where you can download the Windows and Mac version. Note that at the time I am writing this, my antivirus keeps flagging Spirit as a trojan. Besides, the site is very slow due to an overwhelming amount of traffic.

UPDATE: I turned off my antivirus and downloaded Spirit. It is 100% safe.

Things worth noting about Spirit:

  • Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and 3.2
  • Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad must be activated
  • Your device must not be stuck on the Connect to iTunes logo or emergency call screen
  • It will work on any version of iTunes 9 (including 9.1.1)
  • Spirit will not unlock your iPhone
  • If you are currently using a tethered jailbreak, you have to restore in order to use Spirit
  • Do not upgrade if you unlocked your iPhone 3G or 3GS (if you have the SHSH blobs for 3.1.2, you can restore to it)
  • While Spirit is stable for all devices, your iPad may act a little funny due to packages that have not been updated for it yet

Comex did a great job on that one. Congrats!

UPDATE 2: I wrote a Spirit jailbreak tutorial for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Matt

    I still need help :,(

  • 666

    Do I Need to download the new iTunes 9 to get spirit to work. HELP

  • Opplkjis

    Hi my iPhone have update to 4.0 can any other jailbreak can install cydia. Thank

  • Mike

    One of the requirements to use the software is to have an activated phone, how do I know if my phone is activated or not? I bought it a week ago and have had no problems connecting to wireless networks or syncing with iTunes on my computer. I want to use the phone with a prepaid SIM card. I just don’t know what you mean by “activated”

  • justin

    I am trying to jailbreak my iphone. All i know about it is it is a 3gs. I do not know any of the other stuff. if someone could please help me.

  • D Sanchez

    I cant wait for the spirit 4.0 jailbreak to release already. spirit is the best jailbreak ever made hahaha in ur face redsnow/blackrain/snowbreeze ect… even tho mabey thr all made by the same ppl/dev team/ LOL Idk Hhahahahaha. ILY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • D Sanchez

    TO JUSTIN: i woul dbe glad to help LOL but its not hard at all…. if ur running on 3.1.3/.3.1.2/ u can jailbreak now by goin to spiritjb.com n downloading the jb from thr…. if ur on 4.0 or 4.0.1 ur goin to hve to wait till the spirit jb is realesed or use the other jb wich r not as awsome LOL

  • sprit

    spirt jailbreak is fucked up just dnt use it use blackrain redsnow etc.

  • Sadly sprit Jailbreak Spirit is easier and less likely to delete everything instead of somethings…its why your probably upset.

  • Vincent Lowe

    anyone know a site i can jus download without a lot of hassle from shite programs i dont want to download