Dear iPhone Download Blog reader,

Over the past few months, I’ve been receiving a few emails, tweets, and comments from some of you complaining about the site. Your main concerns seem to be that what I write about is not new to you (ie. you’ve seen it on other blogs before) and that the topics covered are somewhat boring.

In this post today, I would like to acknowledge your concerns and explain myself to you.

I take it as my responsibility to update the blog at least once a day. No matter what happens, there is always something new on the blog every single day. You make me the honor to visit my site and I want to give you something fresh every time you come. That’s my goal, and for the last 12 months, I haven’t failed once to deliver one article a day.

My fiancee and I have been traveling through South East Asia for the last 6 months. We went to countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos, and believe me, it’s not always easy to find Internet in some of these countries. Besides there is a time difference of about 10-14 hours, which means that when you go to sleep, I usually get up, and vice versa.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s been incredibly challenging for me to keep up with the news and find the time to blog about it. Traveling is exhausting, and it’s rarely convenient for me to pull out my laptop and write about stuff, especially when I’m sick like I’ve been for over a month now.

I understand that this is not your problem. You come here to get the latest news, hacks, and info and again, it is my responsibility to give you what you come here for. I just want you to know that I haven’t given up on the blog, that I am very well aware that it hasn’t been as good as it was, and that I do take your concerns very seriously.

Today, I would like to ask you to bear with me for another few weeks. I’m currently in France and it seems it should be a little easier for me here but the blog will not be back to 100% until I go back to the States in a month and a half.

I’m sorry if I haven’t delivered to your expectations. Instead of keeping this on the down low, I thought it’d be better for me to explain what’s going on and be completely honest with you.

I value you as a reader/commenter/online friend and the last thing I want is to disappoint you. I am sorry if I have and I can promise you that things will be back to normal soon. As a matter of fact, things will be even better than it ever was soon!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for caring enough to let me know when I underdeliver. Your opinion is important to me and I will always respect your views.

Yours truly,


  • Iain

    Well, I’ve got nothing to complain about. Site is excellent and you’ve managed fast updates despite travelling.
    What a fantastic trip too – I’d have been tempted to leave laptop/iPad/iPhone at home!!!

  • No worries here either, I use Google reader, so whenever you update I go here to read it.
    And so what if I read it somewhere else, it is always nice to get it from different angles.

  • Jeffery

    Tis not a problem. I enjoy reading what you write and I appreciate the time you are putting into the blog while your on vacation. Just enjoy yourself and write what ya can when ya can. Have fun and get well soon

  • Angicat

    Hi Seb πŸ™‚

    I think the blog still is (and always was) rockin. People also need to remember that sometimes iPhone news is slow due to other product launches (hello ipad!) and inbetween times. I can’t imagine the explosion this summer when G4 arrives.

    Finally, I think it’s completely appropriate & necessary to re-blog basics. Maybe a few complainers pipe up…fine. But recently when you posted the “what is jailbreaking” blog I was thrilled. While “we” might know all about it, there are still people just discovering it every day. Going over the basics is a good thing πŸ™‚

    Keep it up! The blog is great!

  • amit

    this is the only iphone site i look at everyday. im amazed at how you manage to write an article everyday!

    keep up the good work!

  • Gerry Rasmussen

    I am happy too. I especially appreciate your delivering content while sick because I too have been sick for about a month, most of my vacation, so I know how tough it is, and then to add the overseas connections, I am impressed that you delivered anything! There will always be some gripers but if you know you have done your best, that’s all you need to think about. Do your best and ignore the rest!


  • iPhoneMan

    Keep up the good work mate! No complaints. I get your feed daily in my google reader and enjoy reading it πŸ™‚

  • Rip

    I knew you were traveling and yet hadn’t noticed any difference in the quality of the blog. For me, it’s been service as usual. Keep it up.

  • Shelbythekid

    I check in everyday also! It’s probably the only web site I look at everyday, except maybe eBay! Thanks and keep up the good work, don’t let the 1%’rs get to you cause 99% love it!

  • Lithosfear

    If anything I have really enjoyed the posts from while you were travelling in SE Asia. I have been there many times but never with my iPhone so it’s been really good for me. As others have said, ignore the people who whine – they’ll always be a vocal minority.

    And I hope you make it to the UK πŸ™‚

  • Paul

    I thing your blog’s just great, very well written and updated regularly.

    Who is telling you that is boring… Did they try updating a website from Cambodia, etc etc?

    I know lots of people that would have told their readers:”Sorry guys, I’m on vacation! See yaa!”

    Seb, forget these idiots.

  • Norbie

    I already read this in another blog ..

  • Pat

    I think u make a great fiance!
    I mean what you write is so honest and emotional that you make me feel so sympathetic for you… i wonder how ur fiance feels after you apologies to her after you’ve done something wrong! lol
    I know, its probably typical for journalists but wow, i felt you hardcore.
    btw, i didnt really mind you not keeping up, i mean i knew that you were travelling but, seriously i didnt mind.

  • benji

    Sebastian, the blog is great. I think I ripped on you once for false jb news a couple days ago and I apologize.
    You do a great job and I’m sorry if I flamed/trolled you as a reader.

    Feel better man.

  • Eric

    No complaints here. You’re doing the same awesome job as always. Smart readers know you’re traveling and can put 1 and 1 together about the time and connection difficulties. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • brent

    Dude…it’s your blog. Post what you want. If it’s quality content, people will read it. Ignore the complaints. If they don’t like the content, they don’t have to read it.

    I appreciate this blog. I came here for my first jailbreak and come back regularly for good info. Keep it up. thanks

  • atavision

    well, from the looks of things here, whoever made the comments about you not keeping up your end of (your) blog has nothing to say now. It’s nice to know you care so much about your readers that you would bother to explain, altho I’m sure your numbers don’t warrant any explanation.

    Passez du bon temps en France!

  • gun2you

    those that complain – not important. people will always find sumthing to complain.
    it is your blog – thanks btw for updating the good stuffs even on ur holidays. how was thailand?

  • PhilipS

    I agree with the commenters above. Heck, it’s a free service for us to read your blog so I don’t think you owe anybody anything.
    Enjoy your trip and pay attention to your fiancee, not to the blog πŸ™‚

  • Fantastic blog – the only one I read. On the days that aren’t very busy as far as iPhone news is concerned, it’s a welcome read of other stuff going on too. Very well done.

    Having read some of the comments I’ve seen left by other people on your blog who have called GeoHot (and others) nasty names, swearing and demanding the immediate release of 3.1.3 JB it’s short sighted to say the least. Unfortunately, the public can be like that but be assured for every screaming idiot throwing their toys out the pram at you, there’s a hundred others who love your blog AS IS and appreciate the time and effort spent on it every single day.

  • Colten

    Your doing a great job bro. Hope your enjoying your traveling!!

  • KP

    One of the best blog site out there!

    Its my daily routine to check it everyday. I been following your blog since the launch of the 3G iPhone when I got mine. This is my first comment and just wanted to let you know I do appreciate and enjoy reading something new everyday. THANKS!

    By the way, your tweets are interesting too.

  • Wow, I really didn’t expect so many nice comments. Thank you all for your support. I feel blessed to have great readers like you who really care about this site!

    YOU are awesome!


  • Paulius

    I’m always with you πŸ™‚ over 9 months and every day πŸ™‚ keep up the good work! Like your blog,follow on Twitter.
    P.S. I like your bazooka shooting experience on your vacation :DDDDD

  • Ray

    This is one of 5 or 6 blogs I read, and it’s one of the best!

  • thefallen

    I have no complaints whatsoever. This is my #1 source for anything iPhone/JB/Etc related. I’d love to say “fuck every ungrateful person who complains about it” but hey… You made a point with this post so I must respect that.

    Your Twitter follower,

  • Brian

    OMG…No excuse Sebastien. Your site sucks, you being sick or travelling is no excuse….

    LMAO….Sorry, but with 26 comments all saying good things, I just wanted a little balance ;>)…

    Seriously though……Dude, there are plenty of people with similar blogs that are not travelling…have not been sick for a month (didnt know you were sick…that sucks, especially since your on vacation..sure hope you feel better and if not, GO TO THE DR! With all the places you visited, better safe then sorry if you do not start getting better soon..) and they dont do half as good a job as you are doing while you are sick and travelling….

    You have nothing to explain..or no need to anyway, as you do an awesome job with your blog…..far better then most, imo……and even more impressive is the fact you are sick and as you said, in some areas where internet is hard to find….You should be commended imo, for the great job you are doing while travelling…..

    Keep up the great work..dont worry about the naysayers….they are welcome to go to a ‘lesser blog’ if they choose…..Enjoy the rest of your trip and hope you feel better!!

  • Ludger

    You are doing a grear job and every day I am looking forward to visit your blog. Keep on doing that great work and don’t change too much. Love it, man.

  • A.J.


    You are the reason that many us, myself included, are in the jailbreaking community. If it wasn’t for your step by step guide I’d never have had the balls to try to JB my iPhone. Enjoy your trip and keep the blog updated when you can.

  • sounddie

    Just quick question here,

    Since you are now in France, do you have any plans to come to Belgium?
    See Bruges and stuff xD


    • @Sounddie No plans to go to Belgium. I think we’ll just be in France the whole time.

  • Kev

    I’ve done the same trip (ish) and couldn’t imagine keeping up with a blog as well as you’ve done, Sebastien. I did though imagine your partner waiting to go out to see a fantastic Cambodian temple tapping her toes as you finished a final sentence on your laptop! Unless she does the same thing?!

  • Rainrose

    You’re doing an excellent job Sebastien. Love your site! Keep it up! Plus I follow you on twitter so It doesnt make much difference. <3

  • Keep it seb, your blogs always been spot on for me I live in uk. I check ur tweets and blog every day and I’m never disapointed.

    In top if that you’ve done it while travelling to them countries is astonashing! As I know as my brother is going on same sort of journey soon!

    Keep it up from all us at


  • Spazbite

    Yeh you mite post things that we might of read on someone elses page but hey someone has to post it 1st dont worry, but to the bit where you say uv posted something everyday isnt true there has been aday when you havent, but i dont care sometimes there isnt any news, i love this site a check it about 8 times aday keep up the good work dude and enjoy the rest of your holiday

  • Sy cook

    I love your blog and it’s first blog I check daily before I leave for work. Keep up the amazing work if the haters don’t like the blog why are they Reading it?! As a site owner myself I know you can never win someones always unhappy lol! Hope u feel better soon.

    Sy (

  • acydbyrn

    Sooooo? Enjoy your trip while you can. Without sounding disrespectful, there are plenty of other places for the junkies to get our news and the loyal readers will still be waiting for you when your back home again! Enjoy France!

  • KingZig

    Hey Sebastian
    don’t worry about the people complaining dude this is my favorite website to find info on iPhones , just remeber there are many of us who appreciate your work. You do an excellent job and keep up the good work. -zig

  • Tom

    Actually I find this blog to be one of my favorites as it’s always written in a very down to earth style ….and I love it for that!!

    If anyone thinks otherwise they are not forced to read it….piss off then!!

    I appreciate all the time you spend on this each day.. Thank you

  • Tom Cat

    I’m definitely going to visit your blog more often after reading this post. Some people never stop complaining. Just ignore them. (Imagine the pressure GeoHot and others have to put up with)

  • See Sebee you didn’t have to feel so stressed out while traveling because all these people love your work. Now you can relax and feel better!

  • Hay Admin , i read with ur article. i will come to your blog again tomorrow