spirit delayed

I don’t know if it’s just a bad joke but Comex, the developer behing the userland jailbreak Spirit, just said on Twitter that he was delaying the release of this new jailbreak.

This decision came after Comex read a year old article about how quick Apple was at patching a security hole in firmware 3.0.

If true, this piece of news is a a huge let down. Everyone was really waiting for Spirit to be released. I fail to understand the logic behind this decision. Whatever date the jailbreak will be released, there will always be the risk of Apple patching the firmware at some point.

Cross your fingers! Maybe Comex is just playing with our nerves… How do you feel about that?

  • Hello
    do spirit unlock iPhone baseband 05.12.01 ???

  • Tiredofapple

    Give these guys a break. The real culprit is Apple, and their desire to lock down these phones. Don’t hate the guys giving us the jailbreak, hate those making jailbreaking necessary to make the iPhone a usable device!

  • FredRock

    It makes waiting so much easier knowing that we’re waiting for ipad users to get their new devices and back up their SHSH blobs.

    Do your thing Comex and I’m looking forward to having my 5 icon dock back.

  • autokat

    We can wait on 4.0 or 4.1 or 4.2 or 10.0 wait wait but release jailbreak now and warn about any update that will destroy the jailbreak , what is the reason to delay it ?? appel can always patch firmware, is it not possible to find a new exploit in 4.0 or what?? i am tired of having an extra phone in car because iphone is tethered, i jb iphone so i can change the voicmail number with iphone browser and use sb setting and backgrounder and some free programs textv and tvguide.

    please do it:)

  • ceris7356

    Why don’t people get it? He is waiting for the iPad 3G to get into the hands of consumers. if he was to release before that, Apple has time to patch the holes which would render the jailbreak completely useless for the people who bought the new iPad. It could even become useless for all other iDevices. Stop being so selfish. If you updated to 3.1.3 on “accident” than you have nobody to thank but yourself. If you bought your device with factory 3.1.3 than it is not your fault. But seriously, stop complaining. Wait a few more days. It wont kill you.

  • Wowser

    We all know why they have to delay–I think people wouldn’t be up in arms if from the beginning they are told….”for the well being of all jailbreak wanters, we will wait till the official release of 4.0 to preserve jailbreak for all” instead of the delay game all the time. Some people actually make plans for these jailbreaks…..yikes….

  • Nciolas

    GeoHot said he has 3 working jailbreak for all idevices 3.1.3, 3.2, and even for 4.0. Release one today and another when os 4 is out ! I bought an ipad wifi, i trade my iphone for a new one so i dont have to unlock but stuck at 3.1.3. I have to jailbreak my iphone to tether my 3g to my ipad.

  • thefallen

    Wow… People simply won’t get it…

  • UUUrrrrgghhhhhhh been waiting for this jb for a while now. please please release it!

  • autokat

    I get it wait to all appels products can be use of the jail break, i think in 2020 the new iphone 8.0 will be out just have to wait maby the jb work on that to:)


  • Polemicist


    I’m blown away by the level of stupidity of some and heartened by the people who have a clue…

    If any of the people bitching and moaning about wanting a jail break NOW actually knew how to find holes in software, firmware or hardware they wouldn’t be bitching and moaning. If you want it now go find the @#$%@#%ing hole yourself and make your own bloody jail break… Morons… This is the reason I don’t do dongle cracks anymore… F’ing cry babies…

    In June there will be an announcement (Go look at Engadget if you want confirmation) and they will most likely release that pretty new iPhone… 4.0 and lower has a hole in it… That hole will work with the new iPhone most likely… so just shut the hell up and wait… Firmware 3.1.3 was released on February 2nd 2010 and it has been 3 months since that day and in 1 month an announcement happens so you have waited 3 months so what’s another couple of months… The larger percentage of JB iPhone users are still using 3.1.2 or lower so the 5% or so of users who “need” a new JB they can just wait and let the people who want to buy a new iPhone have the joy of this new JB as well… Selfish bastards…

    * If it is that much of a pain for you all just go out *
    * and buy yourself a nice little Nexus One… *

    @Sebastien Quote: “I fail to understand the logic behind this decision”
    Really disappointed by that comment… This is not the first time you have put a sensationalised post on your blog but I thought you had a little more integrity and intelligence than to make a comment like that… The hacking community doesn’t need that sort of press and it only drives the wedge in deeper…

  • MC

    WOW with all this waiting starting to think there is no real fix out there just all talk, I know when I was doing some “education testing” satilite VC and VCII. I was trying to avoid getting into hacking again but this is legal doing unlock. starting to think I might need too to get a real unlock and screw the waiting as there was a firmware done fro VC VCII because changed even weekly that the firmware had a key pad entry and the keys posted public. Or at this rate AT&T contract will expire then new carriers would be able to allow unlock of phones.


  • autokat

    I don’t no how to find hole in software , but why annonce that they have found a hole at then delay it ??? think they never shoud have sayed anything about it, take it easy i can wait and have to because i can’t find a hole myself:)

    have a nice day

    p.s. thanks to all jailbreakers.

  • Amir medical

    This is so stupid!

  • Wowser

    you have to realize that Apple Deamon is rearranging software malCodes that will moot all of these jailbreakes. final release of 4.0 will be different than all betas

  • Wowser

    PSYCH! lol—JK—They will put it out when they know it will benefit everyone. sucks, but so be it. I have two iphones that need jailbreak like yesterday, but I know I have to wait and it SUCKS, but once it comes out…all these dev’s will be praised, lol…maybe in future just never give a date, lol

  • Wowser

    The charging for jailbreak would be cool, but would open them up to huge legality issues. If jailbreak jacks up phone, etc, even a release statement may not release liability for issues caused by jailbreaks. Would most people sue. no…but it takes a disgruntled apple employee with a phone jacked to bring it to the attention of the right people, then….BAM!

  • B1ack 0pz

    I’m pretty heartbroken about the delay seeing as how I had to get my old JB 3.1.2 3GS replaced by a new 3.1.3, but seeing these comments and all the hoo ha has really made my day and given me something to laugh at while I wait.

    Roflmao! @ anonym and his chair scenario

  • Coderxtreme

    Some of you are delusional there is nothing geohot did to garner his props. He took someones code and changed it a bit. The exploits have originators he nor any of the folks reaping hundreds of thousands on donations belong to that crowd. Geo nor the dev team have ever been first to put out a jb!! They always release it after someone else does, they are just better known hence the ps3 fiasco with geohot. Watch black rain drop days after commix releases his. When ppl want a jb they agree not to release anything as a group. Why? So u are more inclined to donate. I dare any one of them to make public how much they’ve had donated since 3.1.3 some of you would have a quick reality check.

  • Brandon

    Uhh. Everybody can just fuck right off. The worst thing that can happen now is it gets released May 7th. Not that big of a deal. I guarantee the time will fly by, just as long as you don’t sit in front of the computer for a week, anticipating the jailbreak to be released right after you hit the refresh button.

    Great job comex and chpwn. You’re my heroes.

  • FredRock

    Jesus Christ, I’ve been hitting refresh since 12:00am this morning and I just got this comment…

  • joeaudioguy

    I bet the whiners are the same people who blame the computer they use when they get stuck somewhere on the screen. I dont think it matters who makes the jailbreak, . all of you will use it. I dont think 7 days more or even a month will stop you from getting the jailbreak. so why shit on the jailbreak parade.

  • Fionn Kelleher

    To those who are bitching,

    Ask yourself, what would you do? Relese it as soon as it’s finished and don’t give a chance for ipad 3G users to back up they’re shsh blobs and then have to find another exploit which btw isn’t easy, or do what’s right and wait till the time comes?

    If you ask me those people that are asking “plz now now now I’m fucking tired of waiting” are spoilt impatient pigs. Stop your bitching and hold on for a day or two, is it really going to be hard to wait a few more days?

    The dev team etc work for free, and release their tools for free, so be grateful that comex is even releasing it.

    Thanks and I hope some people have more cop on after Reading this.

    Fionn Kelleher

  • Randy

    Correct me if I am wrong. The spirit J.B. Was never shown to J.B. 4.0. International Ipads won’t ship until the end of may. iPhone HD(or whatever) should show it’s face in June. Won’t this require another J.B.? So they are waiting to release 2 J.B.s within a month apart? apple can now wait and fix 2 exploits with one update? This meaning two out of three exploits are then gone?iPad doesn’t get 4.0 until fall. Honestly, with current thought processes,the Iphone 4.0 -HD- may screw the iPad 4.0 if Jailbroke Premature. Looks like apple has figured out how to keep Hackers So busy it’s not worth their time anymore. I guess we are all lucky they will not allow apple to win.

  • Randy

    They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t

  • Freddy Hu$tle

    Comex, I’m fiending over here…. Can’t wait to fill up your paypal account!

  • Twat

    I heard u got owned for making that comment, u moron………

  • Freddy Hu$tle

    Twat did you say?

  • Bar1no

    @Randy … Apple cant fix the jb behind greenpois0n, or limera1n unteathered. Do you want to know why? Because they are HARDWARE vulnerabilities not software vulnerabilities like with spirit. So your comment about how apple can fix greenpois0n with the ipad OS 4.0 release is wrong. Look at the iphone 3g, ipod touch 2g and the pre week 40 iphone 3gs. They can all be JBd all that is needed is a port for the firmware version but they use the same exploit. Also im no nagger but i understand where everybody who is mad is comming from. Think about what has happend since september: geohot releases teathered jb, appuloha1l is a douche, chronic tells
    of a semiteathered jb that is going to be released which never happens, then we wait, then s4ph has his fun followed closely by spar3nbr3ak and thunderst0rm, then no release by goehot and to put that cherry on top
    comex delays his ETA. Damn must be frustrating. I agree with comex for the common good but you have to understand where people are comming from before you can call them: lazy, ungreatful, impatiant, etc.

  • Bar1no

    Also that last part was not at randy it was at everybody who is yelling at others and calling them impatiant because they are tired of waiting.

  • Freddy Hu$tle

    Well if there was a rough date peeps probably wouldn’t be so impatient. Someone is even calling out that Comex doesn’t even have a JB.

    The recent possibility of Comex releasing Spirit was just a kick in the a$$. Mostly because most of the major players were backing it and there is no rough definitive date for the release now.

  • Freddy Hu$tle

    And personally I understand whatever reason these guys have but I also understand why peeps are impatient.

    I hope those that are impatient plan on donating. I certainly do. These guys are in it because they love hacking, want to stick it up Apples ass, and will make some good $tack$. The cash should be part of the plan.


    heh u all think making a program for jailbreak is easy isit ????u all come and make it geohot already said maybe will take at least a month,just a delay still want to giv u all scold u all so cruel i know u all waiting for jailbreak u also need to think back is geohot and his team to create it if no we all need to use real money to pay all of this please be PATIENT!!!

  • Frenchy182

    I love reading all the arguements peeps have about jailbreak releases.

    I personally was unlucky enough to buy my 3gs with stock 3.1.3 and have been unable to JB, i’d love to have a JB phone so i can have a play and see what the fuss is about, but the way it stands at the moment, I have an iphone which a lot of people i know can’t afford, and for some reason it works like a phone, y’know makes and receives calls/SMS, what more could you want from a phone?

    To everyone moaning about when the JB will be released, would you be bothered if JB had never been discovered and all you had was the stock phone?
    If you got your phone because you can JB it surely you only wanted it for the piracy.

    Be happy that you are lucky enough to own an iphone. I am happy with mine the way it is and would like to JB it but if that never happens then never mind, I still have a top of the range phone.

    Thanks to Comex, Geohot, MuscleNerd and all other hackers for the work you do, some of us appreciate it and will wait as long as we have to.

  • Freddy Hu$tle

    Well either way, it’s delayed.

    What feature of JB do you miss the most? Mine is tethering and the 5 icon dock.

  • Lolocaust

    This is stupid there’s no point in waiting tell 4.0 there’s what, 2… 3 other jailbreaks waiting on 4.0 already? And on top if that I’m sure with all the new features that will come with 4.0 there would be a new bug to use to jailbreak and if there is someone will find it and use it. Just release the damn thing already it’s so annoying haveing to check the Internet every few days to find out witch jailbreak got delayed

  • iPhone 3GS

    It’s out! http://spiritjb.com/

    For firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and 3.2 only