Sure ads in Cydia are the bread and butter of underground developers, but sometimes ads can just be a little too intrusive or overwhelming. Worse, it can alter the whole user experience by slowing down the performances of Cydia.

Our buddy over at FSM found a nice way to get rid of the ads in Cydia. If you want to increase Cydia’s performance, this simple hack is for you.

SSH into your iDevice and browse to /Applications/Cydia/ and create two copies of package.js computer ( one is your backup and you will edit the other one ) . Inside that file search for var depiction = package.depiction .

Edit that line so that  depiction = package.depiction will become depiction = null .

Now save the file and copy it back to /Applications/Cydia/ , overwriting the original one. That’s it. Now restart Cydia and enjoy.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? If you like this hack, make sure to thank @MurdaFSM on Twitter.

  • Alex

    Just did it and it works like a charm!

  • benji

    Nice. I hear cydia is super slow so whn I use the spirit jailbreak(hopefully) tomorrow I will definitally do this. Once again thanks for the great blog. Feel better man, I’d get checked by a doctor. There are some nasty foreign bugs out there.

  • hapciustyle

    It works, which is nice. But, I can’t see anymore the Screenshot function to view in advance apps/themes etc… What can I do for that ?

  • acydbyrn

    Saurik: “After a /year/ of arguments, I’m finally making progress getting repositories to use .diff/Index: today’s BigBoss update was 1kB, not 600kB” – maybe its not all down to ad’s!

    At any rate, as soon as Spirit is released and I have cydia back (lord how I’ve missed it) I will defo give this one a try 🙂

  • Aber1Kanobee

    This works, but comes with a slew of problems… you will start to notice not being able to find certain apps that have been released and upgrades. There or other better ways to block ads in Cydia.

  • Naveen

    Chers! Hell Yeah
    5ive Stars

  • Yeah I don’t like the fact that it eliminates the ability to view screenshots.

  • bomberhero

    none of the methods work anymore for the new cydia.

    instead, in the package.js file, change (just search and replace) “package.depiction” with “null”.

    credits to otosan for this

  • Sean

    Is there an other way for IOS 5.1.1? Only got a package.png now..