Have you ever missed a great picture because your iPhone camera app was to slow to launch? If so, then read on because Snappy might be the answer to your frustration.

Snappy is a jailbreak app available from Cydia that allows you to quicky launch the camera app simply by tapping and holding the status bar.

Look at this demo to see how Snappy works.

Snappy is the kind of app that makes me wonder why Apple hasn’t implemented this yet. I mean, it’s pretty basic, yet very useful.

Have you tried Snappy yet? What’s your take on it?

  • Eric

    Crashes my 3G all the time. Uses ALOT of RAM. ALOT!!! probably fine on a 3G(s). This has been available for a long time. Oh well. Getting the next iPhone in a month. Hopefully. How’s the iPad Sebastian? Ha ha. Just realized my iPhone doesn’t auto correct ipad like it does iPhone while typing.

  • Alex

    I have tried this app but I perfer the regular one. I have to agree with Eric, it uses too much RAM and I just don’t like having too many apps that do the same thing. Although I’m proud to have a lot of apps, I don’t like having apps just to have them…you know what I’m saying? I guess this app would be good for someone that likes to take pictures just out the blue in different places but I can wait the 5 or 6 seconds (whatever it is) to take my picture.

  • thanks blog

  • Retroman

    I’ve had this since it came out. It does crash my 3GS, very rarely.

    It is handy to just tap the power button on my iPhone twice and be able to take pics or if I’m in another app/game I just have to do the same, take the picture and I’m back in whatever app i was using. Doesn’t seem to use that much memory on my 3GS but i haven’t really measured the ram usage while running it (Actually just tested it, uses about 40mb ram which is a lot actually, especially for older iPhones)

    And of course you can use the volume buttons to take the picture so that is a plus also.

  • David

    I have the regular camera app open when I double click the sleep button. All I did was go in setting under activator, I think that’s a part of mQuikDo, and set it. You can set a lot of different motions to do almost anything.

  • harmswaychad

    Cant you just hit the home button twice to run the camera app? I mean its convenient and all because you can get to it from the lock screen. But still you can mark the home button to double click and bring your camera up.

  • Irha

    All that this app is doing is to register itself with activator. You can install activator yourself, you can go to settings and assign regular camera app for this or any other action. It is very lame to refer to Snappy as being the fastest, as I thought you are referring to its startup time compared to the built-in app.

  • pigsy101

    Nice idea…. but maybe short lived. You think with the 4G coming out and the new button’s on the side Apple will be implementing a shutter button for a quick snap …. coz like, my old friggin’ Nokia from a millions years ago could do that. Geez I hate the camera on my 3G.

  • Get Foxy

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  • Robert

    I ran this app on 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 Iphone firmwares on my 3G and it worked FLAWLESS. It didn’t crash and it was super fast compared to the regular iphone camera app. This app is a MUST HAVE. Now WHERE IS the OS4 version????? I am waiting for this….. since the old one crashes on OS4.

  • I contacted the person who makes Snappy (Marc Vaillant) a week or so ago and he said he was waiting to get a jailbreak for iOS4 before he can update it. I think he has a iPhone 3GS with the new bootrom or an iPhone 4 that he cant jailbreak yet. He said he might do some work for it on his iPhone 3G but wasn’t sure. You can follow him on twitter for updates.

    To be honest I don’t think I will install snappy when he updates it. I just had to many crashes while using it on my 3.1.2 3GS at the worst times. Unless he adds some great new feature to it i can live without it.