I am often asked on Twitter who people should follow for good iPhone information. I thought it would be useful to create a list of my favorite iPhone people on Twitter. You may follow all these people in one click by following my iPhone List on Twitter.

I included myself on this list but you’re already following me on Twitter, right?

twitter iphone30 iPhone People to Follow on Twitter

  1. MacRumors
  2. Gizmodo
  3. Just Another iPhone Blog
  4. Simple Reviews
  5. iSmashPhone
  6. Apple Insider
  7. The Unofficial Apple Weblog
  8. Apple iPhone School
  9. TiPB
  10. iPhone Alley
  11. Mac World
  12. iPhone in Canada
  13. iPhone Savior
  14. iPhone Hacks
  15. FSMdotCOM
  16. iPhone CTO
  17. KRAPPS
  18. The App Era
  19. Simon Blog
  20. 9 to 5 Mac
  21. iClarified
  22. iPhone Dev Team
  23. MuscleNerd
  24. ziPhoneApps
  25. iEvoluti0n
  26. Mod My i
  27. AppAdvice
  28. Appy
  29. Sebastien Page
  30. iPhone in Canada

If you have people you’d like to see on this list, please add their Twitter username in the comments.

  • Alex

    Good List!

  • SB

    12 and 30 are the same

  • Goondoo

    He was hesitating to put in GeoHot, which explains the duplication…. lol

  • Jeton

    Actually Sebastien,
    you should make a list on twitter with these people so that we can simply click “Follow this list”
    Easier than making my own list 😉

  • you listed iPhone in Canada twice…

  • Bill

    George Hotz @geohot

  • Jeton

    You’ve posted the list on the top.

    Well, post it on the bottom as well since I’ve missed it in the beginning 😛

  • Rainrose

    hmmmm…Geohot?! The hottest iPhone guy! LOL!

  • Jesse Miga

    Putting Gizmodo 2nd in a list of iPhone experts is pretty laughable.

  • It would be great if you would consider @everythingicafe.

  • Jakob Moise

    What about Macgasm? Macgam.net, and @macgasm

  • Peter

    This is a great list which is very helpful. Can you make it one of your twitter lists so I can follow it?

  • Peter

    Never mind I see that it is already there

  • Checkout @iphoneloverz Showcase of best looking iPhone app websites, interfaces and icons. Also lots of resources.

  • May i suggest our own? We’d love to see TopiPhone included.

    Very good list indeed except for the Gizmodo irony. 🙂

  • Add iPhonezine too 😉

  • lac0306

    good list but you forgat XSELLIZE

  • There’s actually a new blog – @theiphonetoday

    Their blog is at http://www.theiphonetoday.com

    Im following them since you can get free promo-codes and giveaways.

  • Hi, i´m a bloger from Caracas – Venezuela. I write in a blog dedicated to iPhone in spanish and i wish show on your list, my user twitter @iPhoneVzlanet

    Thanks and regards…