geohot no jailbreak

Yesterday I was telling you about LimeRa1n, a new potential jailbreak by GeoHot for all iPhones and iPod Touch. It seems that many people have gotten in touch with GeoHot by phone or even by showing up at his house (this info can be found in the whois records of his websites), asking for the jailbreak.

Apparently, and for obvious reasons, GeoHot wasn’t particularly pleased, and I guess he’s growing tired of people bugging him about a new jailbreak.

He made this clear today by saying on Twitter that we shouldn’t be expecting a jailbreak from him anytime soon.

What do you guys think of all this? Do you think he’s trying to mislead us to surprise us better soon? Or is he just not working on a jailbreak after all?

  • Irha

    Please stop posting these speculations on GeoHot… get something better to blog about.

  • Everyone

    If GeoHot releases his jailbreak prior to Apple’s official release of 3.2 then he’s wasted his exploit since they can patch for it prior to release.

    He’s a dick, but he’s not that stupid.

  • said:

    i think he is a muthafucka

  • Jon

    Wait, no advantage at this point

  • Is GeoHot gonna bother with releasing the 3.1.3 jailbreak/unlock? I’ve scanned twitter and the various blog sites for months waiting on this being released and from this post (we all get why he’s angry if people have called and pester him on twitter) but this much anticipated release is almost redundant. He said he’s cracked 4.0 and that’s due out from Apple soon. Im begining to think that 3.1.3 will be the one that got away but who cares as he’s done it for 4.0. Let’s hope it doesnt take til 5.0 is released to publish 4.0

  • Fuck sake that means more…and more waiting, i do respect geohot 4 the work he does but why cant he give us a ‘rough’ date of wen he is gonna release this 3.1.3 jailbreak..unless hes gonna suprize us all

  • benji

    Just what I said when you posted it. Please stop posting rumors and unexplained shit. you make yourself seem uneducated.

  • mike

    Really people just chill the f*** out and wait these people have lives too and they are doing everyone else a great service basically for free. U should be luck they only ask for a donation and dont make u pay for the jailbreak outright. Get a life and let them be.

  • Irha

    @mike, well said. Sebastian, I come to your blog because you publish some great news and insights, but lately you are publishing such nonsense and showing your immaturity. You might argue that I should get what I like and move on for the rest, but I can’t even stand you and some of the commenters here who talk like they have no clue on how things work in life. I bet some of these folk never even say please when they ask for something.

  • nXt

    This is already old and outdated.
    Geohot posted on Twitter again.

    “I realize most of you aren’t dicks. I have some cool stuff planned, but not the time to make it how I envision it now. Keep an eye on spirit”

  • Caliso

    Why don’t you guy shut the hell up and stop leaching off Geo. Leave him alone and let him work. He dosent come yo the street corner where you call home and fu($ with you.

  • Jixx

    Take your time and do the dam thang geo!!!! Release it only when u see fit dam everyone else, you feel me.

  • Dylan


  • Rana

    We only expect things from Geo because we were all led to believe there would be a jailbreak for 3.1.3. I think people are even more stressed out after Thunderst0rms fake jailbreak. 4.0 isn’t too away. I think of geohot the jailbreak he would post it. He just finished z ps3 thing so give him a break guys and he’ll come through, he’s done before.

  • Rana

    Just read his Twitter he say to keep an eye on ‘Spirit’ jb. He says he has a lot to work on right now, bummer.

  • thefallen

    Seriously? CALLING the guy and asking him about jb release date? Did somebody say privacy?

  • big g

    Hes just an idiot, if he gets annoyed by people who keep on bothering him about the jailbreak, thats hes fault. Everyone knows if you go on the news and hack devices and make it public, then you are going to be bothered at all times no matter what. If geohot is reading this listen carefully stop being an idiot you started this so you have to put up with it, do the jailbreak and stop it dont do it any more thats if you dont mind milions of people asking you when you will release a jailbreak.

    Think before you act, then you might get some peace and appreciation

  • Burge

    A jailbreak will be out when the time is wright. if you need a unlock to use your phone and it comes out now that just might get patched by Apple for 4.0 , And then all we read read about is, when is a jailbreak/unlock coming out. Stop your moaning and just be happy that someone is working on a jailbreak/unlock that thay will let you use

  • I recently upgraded to an iPhone 3GS (Not bothered that the 4G will be out as it will no doubt carry a mental price tag) and have been missing a JB more than I would ever have thought possible. It’s frustrating as hell and I would love GeoHot to release something so I can happy JB again but then I know I’m going to be back in the same position again with 4.0 so I would rather wait. 4.0 seems pretty cool so I wouldn’t won’t to be left unable to update encase I lost a JB.

    Just be patient. I can’t believe people can give someone hassle for not doing something for FREE that they themselves can’t do.

    If GeoHot is reading this at least he’ll see one person who appreciates his efforts!

  • Rana

    I’m with u there. His efforts are appreciated. Guys 4.0 comes out like in June and if the jb for 3.1.3 is released now then it’ll be patched up before 4.0 so y waste all his effort for something very short term when he already jb 4.0. So be patient. I know it’s hard, I have 3gs too but we can’t be beggars and choosy too.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Is this guy getting paid for working on these jailbreaks? AFAIK he’s just got the paypal thing on his page to accept donations. Essentially he’s doing this work for free. Cut him some slack that he’s the only one working on his version of the jailbreak (not a group like the devTeam). As for the people calling at his home and showing up at his door? Get a life.
    Sit back, relax, not having the a jailbreak for 3.1.3 isn’t the end of the world. I know an update will eventually come – in the mean time, I put my iPhone down and put my SIM in a BB Bold, or HTC Magic, ’til all this hooplah blows over – or the iPhone 4G comes out (whichever comes sooner).

  • Indo

    please please please
    be calmed……

  • I wish the negative people had experienced FTA. Then they would know what happens when you pester the Goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • Tom Cat

    @Big G; So because he helped all of us, including you, he is now regarded as ‘an idiot’.

    Brilliant. Such grateful people 😡

  • Rana

    SPIRIT is out guys. Go for it. it’s awesome!

  • Kevin

    I’ve waited for this – for so long now – that I could not care less what happens with it – and if it is ever released for 3.1.3…

    I am going to throw the useless (32GB White 3GS) iphone in the bin, after smashing it to pieces, and then buy an Android phone. Something I should have done from the start.

    Geohot is a dick, and an arrogant one at that. Stop teasing us, and posting bullshit about how busy you are – everyone I know is busy – but we deal with it. Either you have the time to work on it -or you dont – dont get everyone’s hopes up, it’s not very grown up.

    /thows iphone against the wall


    Waiting for OS 4.0 seems an unlikely reason to delay the unlock for OS. 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01 and bootloader 5.9 for 6 months. The periodic claims of success and their supporting videos or images do not appear very convincing. There was never such a long delay with past versions of OS and such claims. Is it that the knights in shining armor have laid down their sabers with the Empire finally striking back?

  • Mark

    Personally if I was geohot I would say f everyone and not do another damn thing to help anyone! People that harass someone for their hard work that they offer for free are rude and inconsiderate. Stop making jailbreak and unlocks and let the morons figure it out on their own . That would be the best thing he ever did. If you can’t respect people then deal with a stock locked iPhone and stop being idiots Mabel he hasn’t released Anthony because you knucklehead are pissing him off don’t call or go to his house that’s a violation of privacy and he should actually press harassment charges against you

  • Marco

    If I were GeoHot, after reading some of these comments, I would keep the JB for myself and F*** O** the rest of the world..
    You should kiss his ass instead of moaning about the new JB release..

    I can’t JB my 3Gs until he releases a new tool and I’m hoping so much that he will do it soon but I don’t ask him anything, don’t call him or whatever else.. I just wait. If he releases it, I’ll be the happiest person, if he doesn’t I’ll keep it as it is. And you’ll do too, whether you like it or not.

    Show a little of respect for someone who is working hard for something that is going to be F R E E ! !

  • Bevin

    It’s not the showing respect that I have an issue with it’s a little annoying kid spending too much time replying to posts here when he should be getting on with the task in hand. I have now thrown the iPhone away and have the HYC desire and it is better in nearly every way. Bring on the day where the android Marketplace is as good as the AppStore and then no one will need to have a locked down handset with awful battery ever again. And! They won’t need to wait for some jumped up kid’s help.

  • Bevin,
    (parden my french), but screw off.
    He has a normal life. He has a family and REAL friends. He might even have a girlfriend (or boyfriend if he is gay, but not saying he is). He has better things to do thrn please snobby and lazy and rude ass people (not saying everyone is at all, just some, like you bevin)

    Look, mabye you should a life. its fun you know. mabye a partner? also fun. friends are nice.

    So on behalf of GeoHot, and anyone who likes him, again,
    SCREW OFF, Bevin.

  • Bevla

    Haha, how lame and retarded are you?
    No need to answer, it’s obvious.
    For the record, my life is ace. I am a geek, but a cool one with the hottest size 8 blonde and a drive a fast sports car. I have more friends and probably more money than you ever will… So don’t go making assumptions about people. Anyone, In fact, as you just embarrass youself.

    I hope you never get a jailbreak for 3.1.3, unlucky everyone who cares.

  • JohnA

    Reckon that’s the most embarrassing thing anyone’s ever posted on the internet mate. You should use some of that enormous bank balance to pay for the uncringing surgery people are going to need.

  • Bev

    enjoy being poor, driving a crap car, owning a diabolical phone, and never getting laid, you losers