Sex Panther

I just read on TechCrunch about a new survey of 1,500 women that found that men with iPhones are more attractive to women. The survey, which was conducted by a UK mobile retailer, reveals that 54% of them would be more likely to date a man if he owns an iPhone.

This somewhat useless information comes a year after another survey that had found that iPhone owners are younger, richer, and smarter than others. What the survey failed to reveal though, is whether or not an iPhone 3GS owner is hotter than an iPhone 2G owner.

I’m very skeptical about the serious of this survery but I’d still like to hear your thoughts about it.

  • Si

    As an iPhone 3GS owner I can confirm that this survey is 100% fact

  • Pedro

    That’s kind of ridiculous. This sounds like one of those dumb surveys that just couple together two random facts and says they are related.

    Are they sure it is iPhone and not Smartphone? Are they sure that the iPhone was the case or that something else was attracting them (like, maybe, the way they looked?).

    The survey needs to be done again but with Android and other smartphones.

  • isa

    In my opinion a man with an iPhone looks gay
    A man with a smarthphone looks addicted to internet and stupid games, lazy man probably living in his parents basement
    Men with dump phones = hard working men! Like my husband ๐Ÿ™‚
    Flip phone for him, smarthphone (N1) for me

    Btw i like your blog sebastien even i am not an iphone owner any longer

  • isa

    Ooops! Smartphone* ^^^

  • Lollok

    The next research should compare the hotness of the owner who owns a iPhone 3g, 3gs; and also jailbroken and non jailbroken iPhones.

  • greytone

    Check it ladies, I’m a hotspot!

    “Jailbreaks do it with 3rd parties.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • greytone

    Jailbreakers, even.

  • Polemicist

    Personally I think it is either an iPhone on a guy with the cool geek look or a Blackberry with a guy in a suit that makes the girls notice. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Alex here, also confirming that this survey is 100% correct. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • T-Mizzle

    Yeah I’m female and I’m straight but the women constantly flock to me because of my iPhone….. *rolls eyes*

  • T-Mizzle

    Oh and for those of you who are joke challenged, that was a joke lmao

  • Those 2 surveys should be related, usually young and with money persons have iphone because of the brand, if they are not already good looking, they can pay to be, and money attrack chicks, so, this must be it.
    Woman like good dressing people, that tells you have money and can give her protection and confort that most of them are looking for.