iphone 4

A few days ago, Gizmodo received the pictures of what was supposed to be the next iPhone. We see these all the time and when I read that this iPhone had been found in a bar in San Jose, I completely disregarded the rumor.

Gizmodo happened to actually get their hands on the device and decided to take it apart. Against all odds, it turns out that looking at the “guts” of the device, it seems extremely likely that this is indeed the next iPhone.

iphone 4.1

Why, will you ask, why should we believe this is the next iPhone and not some crap fake from China? Well, according to Giz, the proofs are pretty strong:

  1. According to Gruber, it’s been reported lost
  2. The screen resolution seems much better than the iPhone 3GS
  3. According to the person who found it, it was running OS 4.0
  4. It is recognized as an iPhone when you plug it in iTunes
  5. Finally, the definitive proof is the Apple-branded components which can hardly be faked

What’s new in this iPhone?

  • a brand new and slick design
  • a front-facing camera
  • an improved back camera
  • camera flash
  • an improved screen display
  • Micro-SIM (like the iPad 3G) instead of the standard SIM
  • 3 grams heavier than the iPhone 3GS
  • the battery is 16% bigger than the 3GS

iphone 4.2

There is much more to it and I really suggest you check out Gizmodo‘s coverage for all the details, pictures and videos.

You know that I’m always tough on Apple, usually being really critical but if this is indeed the new iPhone, I believe it is going to blow our mind as Apple is finally giving us the hardware we’ve wanted for a while.

What do you think?

  • Odd that Apple is going squarer and boxier, usually they go the other way from square to rounded. I love the idea of a front facing camera but wonder if video calls will destroy battery life?

  • Juan

    what do i think? i want one. NOW! =)

  • Terry

    Can’t wait!!!

  • slowhand

    If this is real, it’s going to be awesome!
    Personally, though, I still have my doubts…

  • r3y

    Iphone 3gs is already beautiful design why go back to ugly design? Apple doesn’t do that.

  • Paulius

    I like it πŸ™‚ I’m repairing iPhones all a time, so I think the new iPhones back cover is aliuminium, it’s mean no more cracks and dock port connector is metal that very good, because always there is cracks on the bottom from dock stations πŸ™‚ And it’s less shining , it’s mean less scratches from regular case use.

  • Jeffery

    How bout let’s hope it’s on AT&T -.-

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Geez WTF, it had better not have the mini SIM, or if it does, to have an adapter to make it like the regular SIM size.
    You hear that Apple?! I change my devices frequently, and if you force me to use a mini SIM, I want an adapter – or else this is one phone I won’t buy in to.

    Google or RIM, can has my b’nis.

  • greytone

    I like it a lot but I won’t be getting another iPhone.

  • MrJeuqe

    Yuk, it’s probably a fake, which I hope it is, especially since I have purchased most of the cases out there for 3G … not to mention everyone else who has. Crap, I think they should stick with the same design and improve the inside. VW, and Porsche does it. Come on Apple? Don’t screw me with that junk.

  • Colten

    It would make sense of apple going to a mirco sim cuz I bet it would stop unlocking and people using other carriers on the iPhone. But who knows.

  • Martin

    If this is real, I would be happy… VERY HAPPY!!! πŸ™‚ I think volume and sleep buttons on 3 gs are sometimes a bit difficult to push and I think those new buttons will be much better and more comfortable to push. I also love the edge and flat back side. I just love it already. Can’t wait to have it!!!

  • Martin

    Also the speakers are slightly bigger I think, so I’m sure that sound will improve too… I think it my dream device πŸ™‚

  • amit

    doesn’t seem to be real, the design is a step back, i would like to see ipad style (brushed aluminium back with gentle curve) and the screen is the same size…even if the res is sharper a bigger screen woulda been better.

    im guna skip this and aim for the 4Gs next year πŸ˜›

  • Jerry

    they said the screen is slightly smaller πŸ™

  • Ernesto

    I’m already saving my money. I bet it’s gonna be at least $500… I’ll sell my old 2g; which is in perfect shape. And my 3G which was hardly used cuz the 3GS came out a month after I got it. (So I bought the 3GS). But I’ll keep my 3GS until the new one comes out. Can’t wait!!!

  • Polemicist


    Front facing camera?

    Larger screen? Yeah ok it has better screen resolution … yay …

    Yet again Apple seems to stay a step behind its competitors and will charge more than its competitors. *sighs*

  • DStar

    And now, because of all this mess, Apple will give us an even uglier phone lol

  • Wize

    Some nice features, but the Micro-SIM thing is a big problem. Would you have been able to do the Southeast Asia data plan testing if you could only put in a Micro-SIM?

  • Quacktastic

    @Polemicist I don’t think Apple is staying a step behind it’s competitors. It’s the other way around, apathy-laden dude. They can charge the higher prices because their mobile environment is more sophisticated than their competitors. This is probably a temporary lead (That should cheer you up) but seriously, look at the numbers. They’re WAY AHEAD.

  • echa

    what do i think??!!!!
    wat else shud i think if not trying to get one of thoseeeee friggin handsome lookin phne.. LOL πŸ˜‰

  • Albion

    If this is the next iphone than i have to say screw apple and move on with htc. Take a look at EVO and let me know when apple catches up.

  • J

    Any know when it maybe out!? Will it be like last time, when the o.s 3.0 came out so did the 3GS…!?

  • Bill

    Wonder if it’s worth taking an early hit on a contract renewal. June will be only 1 year with AT&T for me.

  • Bill

    It’s expected to be out in June.