make os 4 jealous

Last week Apple gave us a sneak peek at iPhone OS 4. The presentation, which was more for developers than users, focused on 7 “tent poles” (multitasking, folders, enhanced mail, iBooks, enterprise, game center, and iAd).

I was not particularly impressed by the new features unveiled, mostly because most of them are already here for anyone with a jailbroken iPhone. In this post, I would like to show you how you can make your old boring iPhone 3.X look a little bit more like iPhone OS 4.

For all features listed below, there is either a jailbreak app or mod to do the job. If your iPhone is jailbroken, here is how you can give it a little taste of OS 4. If your iPhone is not jailbroken yet, then you’re missing out and you should jump on the jailbreak bandwagon!

Multitasking: Install Backgrounder and ProSwitcher to bring multitasking to your iPhone.

Background wallpapers: Install BossPaper or WinterBoard, which will let you customize your iPhone in every possible way. You can even download the iPhone OS 4 Theme from Cydia!

Folders: Install Categories.

Multiple Exchange accounts: Simply look at this hack that lets you set up multiple Exchange accounts on your iPhone.

iBooks: Just download the free Kindle application from the App Store.

Home screen music controls: Install the Music Controls app.

iAd: Want more ads on your iPhone? Go to any porn site from your iPhone and you’ll get plenty of ads. Ok I’m being sarcastic…

I can already hear the complainers complain that this is a huge stretch and that OS 4 will be much better than these jailbreak apps. Well, yes you’re right. OS 4 will probably do a better job than these jailbreak apps or tweaks, but the point of this article is to show you that Apple didn’t reinvent the wheel at all and that you don’t need to wait for this summer to get OS 4 rocking on your iPhone.

  • Alex

    I like your last part about how apple didn’t reinvent the wheel, that was well said Sebastien. Not to steal your thunder or anything but I was just thinking this last week when Apple came out with all their features for OS 4.0. I currently have Backgrounder, Proswitcher and many Cydia apps that make my iPhone 3GS way better than what Apple plans to introduce to the public when they release the OS 4.0 this summer.

    To all the haters of jailbreaking your iPhone……..You’ve got to switch to the dark side and join us because there are many things that you can do to your iPhone that Apple isn’t going to let you do EVER! If you don’t believe just simply go to youtube and type in keywords such as jailbroken iPhone or Cydia apps and you’ll see for yourself!

    Alright I’ll wrap it up by saying, keep it up Sebastien, Cody and all the other people that write these wonderful articles!

  • greytone

    “iAd: Want more ads on your iPhone? Go to any porn site from your iPhone and you’ll get plenty of ads. Ok I’m being sarcastic…”

    But if you would prefer fewer ads then install Firewall iP.

  • Derick

    Dear Apple,

    We consumers are subjected to an overwhelming number of ads on a daily basis, we don’t need them on our phones.

  • kirk

    I think what jobs said explains it all. “we may not be the first to the party, but we are the best”

    Getting things done right is much more important than ‘reinventing the wheel’.

    Im just glad i can finally get rid some of these Mobile Substrate plugins and free up some overhead on my processor, ram and battery life. Bring on OS 4.0!

  • Angicat

    Hey Sebby…
    Never knew about the kindle app! You learn something new every day 🙂

  • Spazbite

    Just A Quick Question!!! Can You Transfer The Game Center App From 4.0 To 3.2???? OR Will It Not Work???

  • Iphonerd

    I want my jailbreak back 🙁 I had to go to apple store last week to fix my phone which was under warranty n won’t charge anymore, they replaced the is with 3.1.3 🙁 btw, they also said technically I voided warranty by JBking. I was able to convince him that my local AT&T store guys using JB iPhone lol. Anyways, I’m eagerly waiting geohot to release his jb so that I can reJB by 3GS. Come on let me get out of this jail 🙂

  • The iPhone OS 4.0 is just an update to me cos it doesn’t bring nothing new to the iPhone. Theming, multitasking, books and much moré can be found on Cydia or Rock. Screen Recorder is something 4.0 won’t have and we have it now.

  • Alex

    Man I least one person agrees with me! Apple could come out with another update after 4.0 with even more features and it still wouldn’t compare to an iPhone that has been jailbroken. There just just too many apps on Cydia, Rock and Icy to even begin to compare the two. A Jailbroken iPhone to me has unlimited possibilities and to me the new update just doesn’t match up! Take for example how all the Apple followers are raving over the new qStatus app in the AppStore…….that app has been out for months now and is actually better in the Cydia store under the name qTweeter. Why is it better? Because you can use it anywhere…anytime…inside an app or not! The one in the App Store…NO!…you have to go to the springboard everytime you wan to use it and it doesn’t even have that slide feature…is stupid!

    Well, let me stop writing my books and get back to work. Sebastien….Keep it up!

  • Eldaria

    I agree that 4 does not bring that much to a Jailbroken phone.

    I don’t see that actual multitasking as something new, but the implementation.
    Currently using backgrounder, drains batterylife like crazy, running skype, and a streaming service will drain the battery badly, and it does not intigrate as well as showed during the demo.
    I have not tried how OS 4 will solve this, but if it is only marginaly better, i’m all for it.

    Background Wallpapers.
    Here I agree with you, Winterboard does a far better job than just changing the background picture.

    I have Categories, and Purchased CategoriesSB.
    And well here i’m split, I like a mix of the two.
    Apples way of folders are fast an easy, I like the icons, and if an app has a badge, the folder get’s a badge.
    And lastly, you will probably be able to administrate it in iTunes.
    But as far as I have seen you can not have folders in folders, something I use a lot with categories.
    It also seems to be limited how many apps you can have in a folder, not an issue with Categories.
    What I do not like with categories is that it is bulky, no smooth way of changing contents of a folder.
    A minor change in a folder, requires respring.

    Multiple Exchange accounts.
    Have not tried the hack, will have a look at it, since I have multiple google apps accounts, I would like to syncronize mail, calendar and contacts and get push from multiple accounts.

    Not interested, don’t read books on such a small device as the iPhone, waiting for good colour E-ink before i switch to e-books, I tried reading on backlit screens, and it is not my thing. 🙂

    Home screen music controls.
    Have never used it, what I want is bluetooth control of non iTunes apps such as Spotify.

    Not interested in ads. 🙂

    iPhone OS4 will probably be a nice thing, but nothing remarkable that will make me go away from having a Jailbroken phone.

  • Kev

    And Apple say they cant get multitasking on the iphone 3g! Blatant rubbish. Just to give you an incentive to upgrade your phone.

  • Can you transfer the game center App from 4.0 To 3.2 ?
    Multitasking is not the best option to conserve your battery life.

  • In many ways I think it is comical that Apple is playing catch up to the jailbreaking community. Most of their new features IE: Folders, Multitasking etc has been borrowed from what is already available to jailbroken devices. It will be interesting to see their development of the iPhone in the years to come.

  • Polemicist

    Sebastien I really enjoyed that little stab you just took at 4.0 and agree with every part. 😀

    Eldaria mentioned that backgrounder “drains batterylife like crazy” which we all know but don’t much care about. I’m assuming that the multitasking on 4.0 will cause pretty much the same issue. Everyone complained about the 2.x -> 3.x causing decreased battery life and a lot of people ended up running out and buying a new one when that happened thinking their battery was getting old. *chuckles* Great marketing. Give them firmware a few months before the release of a new phone.

    Release date:
    Original: Friday June 29, 2007
    3G: Friday July 11, 2008
    3GS: Friday June 19, 2009

    Apple seems to favour Friday’s. Will Sebastien give us an estimate on what Friday he thinks it will be?

  • benny

    orrrrr you could update to 0s4 and then jailbreak with redssn0w 0.9.5… and get the best of both?

  • dp

    What about infinidock or infiniboard? How about MyWi? How about SBS Settings? How about MiViTones? How about 3g unrestrictor? What about ProSwitcher (mimmicks Palm Pre app switching)?? What about Activator? Sure Jailbreak is thee sh!!!!t but you aren’t even noting any good programs on the Jailbreak store… You got some shopping to do bud.

  • allee

    ok i have iphone 3g 8gb installed ios4 jail broke and unlock it seems like it suppose to be better but it so slow and yes i have tweak the crap out of it i thinking of downgrading to 3.1.3 and jb it and see the differences in speed
    what you guys think
    o btw i just got this phone 3days a go from a buddy, so it not my main phone it uses is my ipod and wifi and secondary number

    anyways will downgrade and see what happens i let you all know

  • bryan

    I installed os4 on my 3g and it slowed down my 3g quite a bit. I got sick of it and reverted back to os3.1.3 and jailbroke my phone again. Now my phone runs blazing fast, categoriesSB is way better than os4 and biteSMS is only something that os4 can dream about! Plus you have terminal ssh (apple will never allow), grooveshark (puts pandora to shame) and all sorts of other awesomeness that apple won’t allow! Jailbreak 4ever!

  • I’m assuming that the multitasking on 4.0 will cause pretty much the same issue. We consumers are subjected to an overwhelming number of ads on a daily basis, we don’t need them on our phones.