Do you like iPhone OS 4 so desperately that you can’t wait to have the beautiful new wallpaper on your screen? Well rejoice because our friend Rory Piper of iPhone in Canada has just created an iPhone OS 4 theme that you can now download in Cydia.

iphone os 4 theme

This theme includes the new iPhone OS 4 wallpaper, the new dock, and the new calculator icon. It is available in Cydia via the ModMyI repo.

Nice one, Rory!

  • Pete

    VERY ordinary but atleast a try!

  • Angicat

    Looks great Rory!
    Clean, simple, nice job!!!

  • Colten

    Looks good on Rory’s part, but as for apple I think it’s still sad. You would figure they could come up with something better.

  • Where is the new Voice memos icon ?

  • istar

    Kewl 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  • Pedro Gaspar

    How is dock effect made? After installing the theme, the dock remains the same old 3.0

  • Érico

    hey guys, did you know that iphone 3g can’t use wallpapers like this one on the theme? yes! it’s just for 3gs… =( that really sucks!

  • Eighteentee

    Nice theme! Is it possible for the icons to have the very subtle drop shadow behind them like on the official OS 4 screenshots? It’s also on the label text…

  • Paul

    Awesome, Simple, Cool looking(-; Just What I Want

  • It says host unreachable 🙁 but i really really want this! What can i do? any solution with u ppl?

  • ios4

    where is the download link