Just a few days after showing proofs of a jailbreak for iPad, GeoHot is back at it, this time with an iPhone OS 4 jailbreak with BlackRa1n.

geohot iPhone os 4 jailbreak

The wonder kid tweeted this image of an iPhone running iPhone OS 4 with the BlackRa1n and Cydia icons on it. It is not the first proof of a jailbreak for iPhone OS 4. Recently, the Dev Team released a video clearly showing a jailbroken iPhone OS 4 and there are still talks around Spirit, the jailbreak for iPhone 3.X which supposedly works for OS 4 and the iPad as well.

If you look at this image more closely, the Cydia icon looks very prominent which makes it a little suspicious. What makes this image even more suspicious is that it’s just an image. Why didn’t GeoHot shoot a video like he did for this iPhone OS 3.X untethered jailbreak?

Real or fake, you decide.

  • Tomdickharry

    I doubt geo is faking it. He is a fkn genius.

  • Emac

    Looks fake blackra1n was nothing but problems fir half the people anyway. Go dev team

  • Jeffery

    Geohot doesn’t need to fake it. What would he gain from it?

  • Irha

    Yes, why do you even suspect? What would he get out of this other than distrust?

  • DStar

    Geohot wouldn’t risk his reputation with a fake pic. And even if he wanted to post a fake, his ego wouldn’t allow him to do it. 🙂

  • nXt

    Just for the people who don’t believe him. This can easily be faked.
    There’s an iPhone OS 4 theme on Cydia.
    This can be put on any jailbroken iPhone with blackra1n, then use an app renamer program (also on cydia) to rename any app to “game center” then use a themed icon for the game center icon.

    So yeah, showing a pic of an iPhone jailbroken is pretty useless. A video is more convincing.

  • Geohot Knights

    Geohot Kindom Rulez all over again. nxt dont blah blah much about it ! what makes you so damn horny over your iphone ? Blackrain is the drop that makes you feel iphone sexy!!! so stop biching and start respecting or else bow down to KING Geohot !!!!

  • Lance

    Geohot never sold his Jailbreaks like some other folks on the web use his own jailbreaks and sell it like its there own, So that said what would the guy actually gain or need to lie about something that he sure is more then smart enought to make that happens. Yet people are talking trash but i asure you those will be the first to used his jailbreak ones OS 4.0 is release. If someone is willing to post there un founded comments and douth him then stand behind the doughts and don’t used his jailbreak when 4.0 is out.Otherwise aleast stand behind the remarks and post a appology ones he proofs the jailbreak. you know the kid has nothing to gain from all this and we should be more greatful for his work. He looses so much of his time to jailbreak these devices, yet he makes no money from it. So im greatful for his time,brain,talent,skills, thats why i always donate to him and i could only wish i knew someone as intelligent as he is.

  • AY

    I’ve been scouring the JB scene for a few weeks now waiting for a solution for 3.1.3 (no I didn’t ‘accidentally’ upgrade, my phone froze and iTunes refused to let me restore to 3.1.2). I just wanna say that I’ve never seen more people be on someones nuts before than ppl do are for geohot. He’s an asshole. In fact, Everyones an asshole (devteam, comex, geohot) because they keep teasing with pictures, videos and saying they jailbroke this, that and the other thing and then don’t release shit. I’ve been patient since February but nobody does anything. And nobody give me this bullshit about nobody is obligated to release anything. If they didn’t want to do this, they shouldn’t have put themselves out there in the first place.

    • chris

      redsn0w can jailbreak 3.1.3 if you point it to a copy of 3.1.2 🙂

    • Jordster

      You can use Spirit for 3.1.3. I did

  • Azrael

    i believe this is a fake cause Geohot uses T-Mobile not AT&T and if he did hack it he would post it on his website http://www.blackra1n.com

  • yave distancia

    DOnt worry people jailbreak and unlock for 3.1.3 coming in less than 3 weeks!
    possibly as early as 4.23

    yave distancia


  • iPhone 3GS


    They haven’t released it yet because their hacks would be wasted on the pointless 3.1.3 FW when official 4.0 FW release is right around the corner. You’ve already waited 2 months, you can wait 2 more months for 4.0. Besides, if they did waste their hack on 3.1.3, you’d cry later when you’d need it for 4.0. Be patient. They will deliver when the time is right… when official 4.0 FW is released in June.

  • thefallen

    It would be so easy and seamless if you all wait until something official is released and then donate after proving it works out all right… Geez…

  • AY

    Who’s to say they’re all using the same exploit? There’s 3 people all claiming to have jailbreaks and every one is for 4.0? Release one for 3.1.3 and let the other two hold off until 4.0. Why would anybody even show that they can jailbreak 3.1.3 if they have no plans to release it?

  • Great, but when are they going to jailbreak the 3.1.3 for the latest boot loader? Right now I don’t care if they can jailbreak 4.0 or not.

  • Josh

    personally i think even announcing there is a break available for 4.0 is stupid. wouldnt it simply prompt apple to look for the hole and plug it before releasing the official firmware to users? wouldnt it make more sense for hackers to say nill, or even put out that 4.0 is unbreakable to lull apple into a false sense of security with their software?

  • Paulo

    We all know Geohot is very serious on what he does, I bet that nothing is fake there.

  • iPhone 3GS


    There are 2 different unreleased jailbreaks

    “Spirit” is a userland-level untethered jailbreak by comex

    GeoHot’s unreleased blackra1n update is an iBoot-level untethered jailbreak

    Sure, they could release one of them now for the iPhone 3.1.3 and iPad 3.2 crowd and save the other for 4.0. But I’d rather them save one for 4.0 and the other for 4.1. Especially when we all know 4.1 will more than likely be out in Sept along with the iPod touch 4th Gen – I’m sure future iPod touch 4th gen owners would appreciate the ability to jailbreak their new iPods when they are available. I know I don’t want to see Apple patch up any of the exploits before the new iPhone is released.

  • Mauricio de Leon

    Why are taking so long time to release? We are waiting for…!!

  • Gino

    I dont know man they fucking take the piss all im saying is geohot dev team they aré verry intelligent And i respect that


    Come on man u cAn shorly give us a 3.1.3 jailbrake and when 4.0 comes out give the jailbrake for that at the end of the day u lot aré smart for crying out loud u hacked the Ps3 i
    pretty shore u will still come Out with new jailbrakes all the time

  • thefallen

    It is funny when a favor suddenly becomes a mandatory task…

  • It’s GeoHot the genius of a kid…he probably aint faking it. Maybe he wants to stir around some attention which is working :).


  • spider

    I seriously need a 3.1.3 jailbreak my phone is locked and out of action till its released …. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how long

  • deaff

    no one else in this freaking world has a break for the iphone but this kid and these united dev team? that’s got to be fucking madness. just switch your phone to the contracted carrier and you will not be butt raped by these fxxkers!! easy:) peace

  • Enrique

    How many of you remember what happenned when 3.1.2 was realeased????!!!!! And how many millions of us were dumb enough to upgrade just to find out that we couldn’t jailbrake, first none could, then for months the only jailbrake from DevTeam was for Mac users. There were still tons of us Windows users that could not jailbrake, and DevTeam said that they were not going to even try to do any thing about the Windows population. So who stepped up to the plate????? GeoHot did!!!

    Now I’m wondering how many of those people that were so greatful to him and used Blackra1n to JB their iPhones are the now dogging him and talking smack? The jailbreaking world is feeble and cruel, if one of the very very very few people in this world that make our lives so much easier by doing some thing like working round the clock to help all the millions of us that rely on them to do this doesn’t do something as fast as we demand of them then they start with the name calling and the ship jumping to who ever gets us there first. I’ve always respected all DevTeam, GeoHot and now Spirit! And when I fuck up and upgrade with out listening to the warnings, I can only sit patiently and wait for one of the few to help me out! Funny if they come up with a jailbrake they are Heroes of they don’t they are the scum of the earth or fakes or blah, blah, blah, until they do. I know I donated to GeoHot right after BlackRa1n, and to DevTeam with RedsN0w. I wonder also how many people who have used any of the jailbrakes have been appretiative and gratious enough to make a donation? And if you haven’t? Why not? You are surely enjoing a nice iPhone now right? So no I don’t think Geo is faking it!!!! He doesn’t have to if it was someone else besides the handful of people that we’ve been trusting for the past 3 years I’d question it! An my last comment for all of you haters out there….if you don’t like it FUCK YOU!!!!! and go create a jailbrake your self and let all of us know how easy that was!!!!


  • ferni

    Geohot is pure bull these days he said he had a hack for the ps3 and told us not to update. But it its been too many long months without any sings of progress.

  • Reagan

    There is already a jailbreakking software for 3.1.3 firmware.. Its called “Spirit”.

  • Reagan

    But no Unlock tho.. But im happy with Jailbreaking for now.. I never leave the country anyway so I could give a rats ass about unlocking my phone. Also i have a sick plan from Rogers. 6gb data plan for 30 bucks and a 20$ voice plan with 200 hundred minute free in a month, plus free after six pm and weekends. And a 5 dollar 1500 text messaging in a month. So there.. Thats a sick plan.. Cant complain…

    Its called “Spirit” guys. Go download it and start jailbreaking.. And it only takes 30 seconds and kabooom its done..

  • Cj

    I know the guy who does most of the hacking for geohot. Infact, i go to school with the kid. I know he is not faking it because he showed the dang ipod to me and then proceeded to hack mine with the 4.0 update!!!!!!!

  • Bobbo

    Well, I don’t know what reasons you have to be suspicious. If you’re so worried he may be faking it, just wait 22 hours and get the iPhone 4 from the Apple Store. Wa la! There’s your jailbreak. ^_^

  • Lance

    I receive my iphone 4 this morning and after i load it on itunes i will test the jailbreak.. anyone have the link to the jailbreak for iphone4 and does it unlock it also?

  • Rock

    Geohot is just kid and fake also ……We should wait for IPhone dev team…

    Iphone dev team ROCK…..

  • Ross

    whats with all the geohot bashing? he produced a working jailbreak that was pisseasy to use, yes it had a couple of problems, but hes a kid whos more intelligent than most of you adults (or kids when you become adults), if you wanna critisise then try it yourself first, its not like you paid for his software, if you dont like it dont use it, and if you cant use it then its down to your own stupidity and lack of understanding so dont slate the developer for your own low intelligence. Why would he fake it? And why does someone on these types of forum always “know the person … no really”? … bull.

  • jared

    Fake – geohot is great and i dont doubt that he is working on a jailbreak for ios 4 but i think this is fage because the official release of ios 4 doesnt come with game centre

  • jsun

    what is game center ?

  • jsun

    ohh and this talk about iOS4 not being able to be jailbroken with blackra1n … youre wrong .. i just jailbroke my iPod touch .. 2g .. 32gb .. no problem . i agree with every word ross is saying . if you dont like it .. simply dont use it and keep your comments to yourself . if you dont have anything “helpful” or “nice” to say .. than dont say it . take your bitchy attitude elsewhere .
    GeoHot did this for free and some people are making you pay for it .. so shut up and be thankful that theres even something like this available !

  • theguywiththeface

    it could just be a jailbroken 3g/3gs with a user wallpaper
    why the hell woul he take the pic in the dark
    i think geohot is trollin blackra1n sucks anyway spirits prob tha best
    btw dnt h8 on this comment its my own opinion

  • theguywiththeface

    plus gamecenter isnt avalible till later this year

  • Nicole

    Can someone/ anyone PLEASE tell us the jailbreak for the iphone 4? I need the blacklist/whitelist app to stop harrassing/stalking phone calls and text messages. I have high blood pressure. My pills aren’t working, but the jail break will. Geo…HELP!! hugs n’ kisses

  • Lance

    @ Nicole.. I think you going to have a hearth attack, im sorry to tell but GEOHOT has quick the whole jailbreaking thing. He cancel tweeter account and all.. sorry to tell yopu but his gone and he said on tweeter before deleting account that his no longer jailbreaking anything and that he will say announce a more formal goodbye later.

  • ross

    @Nicole, redsn0w can be used to JB ios4 just now, geohot is developing limera1n, and hopefully spirit will be compatible soon, but use redsn0w for now.

  • Meagan

    so there’s really not a jailbreak for 4.0?

  • Lance

    no Jailbreak for iphone 4 on IOS 4.0 and no more Geohot as i posted before he has quick the whole jailbreaking thing.

  • Nicole

    Thanks guys. 🙁

  • D main man

    Jailbreakme.com claims to jb any idevice running any os including 3.1.2 n 3.1.3(ultrasnow via cydia to unlock) . It worked on the iPhone 4 running os4.0
    Q: can I upgrade a 3gs 3.1.2 running blackra1n Jb to ios4 and jb with jailbreakme????

    • Jordster

      Yeah, you can. As long as you don’t upgrade past 4.0.1. That’s as far as JailbreakMe goes. It’s even in the FAQ