ipad 3G

If you don’t want to cough an extra $130 (+ $15 to $30/month) to get the 3G version of the iPad but still want to enjoy the freedom of 3G technology on the go, I have a quick and easy tip for you to turn your iPad into an iPad 3G.

In order to get your iPad work on 3G, you will need an iPad (duh!) and a jailbroken iPhone 3G or 3GS. The trick is pretty simple. You just need to download the MyWi app from Cydia. MyWi is a tethering app that allows you to turn your iPhone into a wireless hotspot.

I wrote about MyWi a couple of months ago here so I won’t go too much into details but basically it creates a wifi hotspot so you can share your 3G with devices around you, including your iPad. My Twitter friend @LappyGirl tried it and confirms it’s working great.

So here you go, you just got yourself an iPad 3G for the price of a standard iPad.

  • amit

    omg…genius idea!

  • Fred

    Needless to say that mywi will kill the iPhone battery ver very quick! So you mind end up without 3g in the I pad and without a phone!!

  • Shelbythekid

    The only problem with this is most people are on a phone that isn’t jailbroken because they are waiting on a untethered jailbreak. Someday that will work perfect tho! 😉

  • Minifender

    OMG this is so great!!!!! I can’t believe it 😀

  • Loge

    Yse, it’s really a good idea, but will drain your battery faster than usual. We here in Taiwan got an another idea. We use Huawei E5830. It’s a moblie WiFi AP. Just go out and get another SIM with data plan only, insert it into the device. The E5830 supports up to 5 devices connect to it at the same time. With it, even your iPhone 2G will work like the 3G one.

  • Ryan

    I had considered this before, and the main downside (other than a dead iPhone) is no gps. I would love to use apps that take advantage of gps while tethered to my iPhone. I suppose those who could care less about that may enjoy this fix just fine. For me, I want the ipad to have the same functionalities as the iPhone with a bigger screen and better processing capabilities. GPS is one of the things I don’t want to sacrifice.

  • Eldaria

    Well, this will not really give you all the features of the Ipad 3G, still no GPS….

  • Paul

    Ok, I’ll buy a Ferrari… then, I’ll buy a Lamborghini to drive the Ferrari… sure.

    And, as Eldaria says, you STILL cannot have the GPS and STILL NOT ABLE TO MAKE PHONE CALLS!

    BTW, would you immagine someone using the iPad for phone calls? Just immagine the iPad smashed on his face? Could you really be serious during a call????

    The iPad is just a beautiful toy…


  • ie2special

    Funny, I am installing it now and it removed pdanet! Will update how it is working for me when I am done