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I am still using my beloved 1st generation iPhone. I love it, can’t bear to part with it, and it’s been with me through thick and thin. It still looks like new, complete with unscratched original glass screen.

And I’ve never had any real reason to upgrade it, it’s still functioning the way I need it to and it does everything I ask of it. And with the iPhone 4G on the horizon I really want to wait before upgrading, it just doesn’t seem smart now. So I’ve persevered. Until yesterday…

When the iPhone was released I had a choice between a 4 or 8 GB. I went with the 8. At the time it seemed like a vast amount of space while today with 16 and 32 GB storage it seems small. But I digress. The question is, is it obsolete?

I use my iPhone as the primary source of music in my car. The majority of what I listen to is on there and I’m not a radio person so it’s always CDs or iPod. Plus I paid extra for the built in dock & Bose sound specifically for that reason. So I go to sync my phone and for the first time I see the dreaded message “Unable to sync iPhone because not enough space is available for iTunes library”.

What? Have I reached the end of the proverbial rainbow? So, I fiddle with iTunes for at least an hour. Deleting duplicate songs, getting rid of junk I never listen to, etc. Try again… no dice. I’m full. And it hits me, has my beloved 1st gen become obsolete?

I’m wondering if any of you readers have ever filled your iPhone to capacity, and if so, with what? For me the answer is as follows: 1476 songs, 87 apps, 127 contacts, 347 pictures, thousands (I haven’t counted) of undeleted text messages, an above average amount of saved calendar info.

So for me, that’s what it took to fill the 8 GB to capacity. At that point it was too full to take the sync which was about another 340 songs. Granted, I’m close, but even after cleaning up my iTunes account it’s not going to happen. And I could delete some apps & texts I suppose, but it’s the music that’s the storage hog.

So I am wondering, since everyones usage is different (hence the name “I” phone) what did it take for you to fill yours? Are you at capacity? Are you close? And will you modify your use, or upgrade?

  • I have a 16GB 3GS and I find that to be to small to hold my music library, so I just add/delete songs as I need too. I wouldn’t be able to cope with an iPhone with only 8GB!
    Get a 3GS on Pay & Go. IF a 4G comes out (remember it’s all rumour) then you can sell your 3GS for a hefty sum and built that towards a 4G! 🙂

  • Mario

    Reduduce the bit rate on your mp3’s with switch sound file converter to about 96 kb/s you probably have songs that are 128 and larger. You won’t even hear the difference.

  • Kyle

    In iTunes 9.1, there’s the new feature of converting higher bit rate songs to 128 Kbps AAC. I have 1009 songs on my 3GS and it took up around 6 GBs. After doing this, it went down to just around 3.30 GBs. It’s a really big difference. Also works on the original iPhone.
    And just a heads up, the process takes a very long time. Around maybe 1 hour to 1.5 hours, all depending the size of your music collection

  • Brandon

    I’ve got an iPhone 3GS 16GB filled to capacity and it’s almost all videos and apps 282 apps 14 videos 31 pics and untold text messages

  • Irha

    I feel the same way about my first gen, except for the fact that the battery started draining too fast and I was hardly getting a day’s worth even when completely inactive. My wife is still using her 1st gen and I don’t see much difference between my 3G and hers. If I could get my 1st gen’s battery replaced, I would have no problem continuing to use it today. In my case, I mostly play music at home or car and I have separate mp3 players for this purpose (ipod mini with a music dock at home, and a cheap refurbished sandisk in the car.

  • mario

    I have 3852 songs 1407 pics 0 videos (i use Orb for that) and 237 Apps including the tom tom which takes up over 1 Gb on a 32 gb iPhone.

  • impaler

    I’m writing this reply on a 32 GB 3GS and there’s no way I’d get all my music on it. Too large of a library. So I went with 18 GB music/podcasts, around 9 GB video (movies), and about 1 GB in apps. That leaves me with enough space to add stuff without running out of space, so long as it’s managed. I have an old 4 GB iPhone 2G and I couldn’t imagine dealing with that. That’s smaller than the original iPod!

    I’m going to do that bitrate conversion when I get home. Makes sense, and so long as I can listen to the song, it doesn’t need to be professional quality.

  • pn2bade

    I still use my fat 80gb iPod to hold all of my musicbecause my 8g iPhone 3g can’t hold a fourth of my songs. Remember the first 80gb iPod and everyone was all like ‘omg, videos!’… Good times.

  • Jill

    …or… you could just use 1 of those free apps that let you keep thousands of songs on your computer at home (or anywhere in the world) and just play them on your info through wi-fi or 3G.

    I have about 10,000 songs. And my 8gb iPhone is still about 7gb free.

  • Angi

    I had no idea those existed! Will you post a name or 2 of the ones you like best?

  • Eddie

    It’s the pictures. Copy them to your computer and clear your phone’s photo album

  • I’ve had to seriously scale back my music and I have a 16GB iPhone 3G.

    Now, I have 734 songs, 24 videos, 1519 photos, 152 applications and have 2.7GB left of the 14.6GB capacity.

    If I can at least get a 32GB next generation iPhone I might be able to put on my entire collection of music in iTunes which totals 16.23GB.

  • I’ve got a 32GB 3GS completely full. I have about 60 apps, 500 pictures, a fee videos, an the rest is just music. I have about 12,000 songs in iTunes and no need to say that not all of them fit on my iPhone. I can’t wait for the 64GB version!

  • I have a 32GB 3GS, and have so far not filled it up.
    Since I don’t use iTunes for music, but mostly use streaming services like Spotify for music, my phone has not filled up with music.
    I’m not sure if iTunes is able to report usage correctly when Jailbroken, but this is how it reports now:
    Sound: 1.63GB
    Video: 4.77GB
    Pictures: 4.58GB
    Applications: 10.43GB
    Free Space: 8.09GB

    I knew when I bought my iPhone I should get the largest memory size, too many times have a run out of space on my old phones.

  • j3553

    i’ve never filled imy 8 gb ipod touch before, but currently mine has about 600 mb free after 300 songs, 1 movie, and 2 pages of apps

  • Don’t any of your commenters ever use the Internet on your iPhone? The original version only had Edge speed, not 3G. No matter how much people disparage AT&T, in most places the 3G is many times faster than the Edge and that’s the main reason to get rid of the old junk.

  • Cynthia

    My brother recently updated my first generation Iphone to version 3.1.3, and the battery works as good as new! It used to last about 3 hours without charge but now I dont have to charge it:P

    The only problem that im facing is that my screen has cracked internally, I cant even slide to unlock! Its sad, but I dont want another phone

  • Wolfgang Bartos

    I need some help,
    my first gen. iphone , was unlocked and collapsed when I make an update in cyndia, so I restore the iphone in itunes and after all I got the message the sim card in this iphone will not be supported! So I tried PwnageTool and redsn0w-mac and use all the different firmware I count find, but no way not one of them will be accepted?

  • Here’s the deal. Buy an iPod Video with 500gb capacity to store all your music and videos/ movies. Use your iPhone for the phone capability. That will solve your problem.