The other day as I was trying to figure out how to add songs being played on the iPod to my on-the-go playlist, I landed on Apple’s website.

As I was already bitching at Apple for not even bothering creating a mobile version of their website, I was positively surprised to see that they actually had an iPhone User Guide formatted for the iPhone.

iphone user guide

I wasn’t aware of this iPhone User Guide and even though it didn’t solve my problem, I found it pretty interesting to browse for a while (I actually learned a new trick).

You can access the mobile version of the user guide by going to

I might be a little late on that one but if you haven’t been there yet, it might be worth to go check it out. Now that I think about it, doesn’t this iPhone User Guide comes with the stock Safari bookmarks of the iPhone?

  • Yeah, it is in stock bookmarks.

  • awesome 😀 why doesn’t apple make more use of it?

  • Carlos

    now that we are on this topic, how do you force quit an app? bfore 3.0 it was by holding down the home button for couple of sec but how do u do it now??
    it’s kinda annoying to have to restart it when safari freezes.