Just a few days after GeoHot released a video of a potential untethered jailbreak for 3.1.3, a new video by hacker Comex emerged on the internet showing a new userland jailbreak called Spirit.

UPDATE: Spirit has been released. You can see my Spirit jailbreak tutorial here.

A userland jailbreak is a browser-based jailbreak, similar to the good old JailbreakMe.com, which allows you to jailbreak your iPhone simply by visiting a site from Safari and agreeing to jailbreak your iPhone. If you used JailbreakMe.com before, you will probably remember how easy and quick it was. As for me, I remember going visit the Apple Store and jailbreak a bunch of iPhones on display for the heck of it…

Presumably, Spirit will work for every device on 3.1.3 with the newer bootrom, and potentially even the iPad. It’s interesting to note that this is an untethered jailbreak.

For those of you that might be skeptical about this video, MuscleNerd confirmed that it is indeed a legit userland  jailbreak.

The question on everybody’s lips is when will this new jailbreak be available? Well, there is no ETA at the time. Now that Geohot has been challenged though, I suspect that he’s going to rush to release his new jailbreak, which in turn will kinda force Comex to release his too. Only time will tell.

  • Josh

    Just rel the f-ing JB already. 4.0 is most likely going to supersede the 3.1.3/3.2 JB anyway, regardless if Apple find the exploit or not.

  • Poopnflies

    Are we just waiting til 3.2 iPhone os comes out?
    If so, I understand whole heartedly. Is there double secret, non msnbc, download? Ya know to clear out the suckas’!

  • James

    Why can’t the dev team be clear on the things they do, on every video they post people spend more time trying to decipher them then actually appreciate them.

  • Brandon

    After reading dozens of articles like this, I have come across several different theories. I myself believe that the jailbreak for ipt 3G/iPhone 3GS will be released around June. However, a few sources have told me that the supposed jailbreak(s) [GreenPois0n and/or Spirit] will become available some time this April.

    Can anybody confirm either of these ideas? Or at least tell me which one would be more probable?

  • SnackHacker

    From my knowledge towards the end of april is when theyll be coming out, but there’s no definite date yet, and it’s pretty obvious they’re not rushing it. For the good of the many we who were stupid enough to update will wait….ha i dont give a flying F#%^& about the many hahaha i just want my untethered jailbreak! 😀

  • ever

    all dev-team they should be shame especially gehot , they promise us we discover the jailbreak but they don’t uploaded to let us jailbreak our phones

  • M@$T3R

    This is crap, i don’t know how many stupid people leave comments on such stupid tool, the only ones that can JB the iPhone are Dev-Team & George Hotz Stupidity has gotten a hold on all of you

  • chpwn

    Except MuscleNerd (of the iPhone Dev-Team) confirmed it is real ( http://twitter.com/MuscleNerd/status/11291474448 ) and posixninja (of the chronic dev-team) shot the video.

    So you don’t trust them either?

  • Brandon

    M@$T3R how the fuck is that relevant to most, if not ANY, of the comments on this [open] forum? What was the point of leaving that comment? To act like you are the smarter being by calling people stupid and stating the most obvious fact in the jailbreaking community?
    “Stupidity has gotten a hold ON all of you” How about OF?
    Stop wasting your time with such uneducated comments and grow up.

  • exodus

    what the fuck is this?!
    keep posting all videos and never release it to the community??
    come on.. apple will fix every hole in the new firmware.
    wats the point of waiting?
    same with devteam and geohot.
    its alre done and yet they keep with them while everyone is tied by the unjailbroken

  • chpwn

    They can’t fix the hole if it hasn’t been revealed, now can they?

  • yurdle

    Yeah, not really, lol. Honestly all i’m waiting for is untethered JB, i’m willing to wait for it, tethered isn’t all that bad.
    I really don’t think people should be complaining, they are trying to make it easier for themselves and you in the future. Releasing now would cause the next future Jailbreak take just as long.

    Just stay calm guys, its coming.

  • ever

    Any one answer my comment by bad words he’s show himself that he don’t have any kind shame , all of us educated people , my meaning was they always gives us some comments that they found the Jailbreak but they are Selfishness with all of us around the world , they are happy and laughing and we are here waitting For their kindness , All of you there is one thing you should know…..

    Be not ashamed, then do what you want

  • Brandon

    Chpwn, are they waiting for OS 3.2 or OS 4.0 to be released?

  • chpwn

    They are waiting for the best moment to release, which hasn’t been set yet.

  • Brandon

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but is this best moment anticipated to be this summer?

  • iPhone Fan

    Yea right, Would be a sweet deal were it real. Pay close attention to where he presses to turn the device on and to off. top left hand side of the device through most of the video this is where you see him press the button but at the very end he actually presses it on the right hand side (The correct location for a power button on a true iDevice. all in all a very convincing video outside of that one small snafu

  • Brandon

    iPhone Fan… that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Are you seriously suggesting that the device he’s using is something other than an iDevice? Do you even have an iPod touch? Go ahead, lay it down and see where the power button is. For starters; the LEFT hand side is the actual location of the power button on the iPod touch. And he didn’t even press anything on the right hand side- he simply held it like that so he could hold the iPod in place while he presses the power button. Honestly, how the hell would someone find a device that perfectly replicates a 3G iPod touch, but with one unique characteristic like having the power button on (apparently) both sides.

    This video is legit, the only question that remains up for grabs is when it will be released.

  • Yurdle

    Yeah,sorry iPhone fan,you really should know the facts before posting something like that.

    I’m on my ipt3g right now(the same device in the video) and my power button is definatly on the left =P
    iPhones are laid out a bit different 🙂

  • Seth

    Does anyone know when the next firmware/OS will be released? I think it’s 3.2… or maybe 3.1.4, I don’t know.

  • ever

    any one know , when iphone 3gs 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01 jailbreak will be release ?

  • Brandon

    Alright, I got some good news. After some serious researching, I have discovered that the jailbreak for all devices running on 3.1.3 firmware, will be released after iPad 3G comes out. The 3G iPad will be released on May 7th, so we can expect a jailbreak around this time (giving our dedicated hackers some time to do their thing/any last minute adjustments).

  • …………..=P

    im sorry i havent jailbroken anything yet so im sorta ignorant but i have been waiting for months for a jailbreak for my ipod touch 3g 3.1.3. is there any website or place i could follow the progress on one of these jailbreaks?

  • Reapah

    What exactly iz the guy doing in the video he just turns the phone off then bk on?

  • Yurdle

    @Reapah he is showing an unteathered jailbroken ipt3g, previously you could only do teathered

  • renssspp

    Comex has said that AC will be released in two weeks because he has trouble making the Spirit software

  • andreybej

    somebody can tell me how to activate iphone 3gs without sim card?

  • Jonese1234

    Will this work for the Ipodtouch 2G MC modle running on 3.1.3 plz help!!

  • Tiff

    So will this jailbreak have issues with iTunes 9.1? B/c I had to restore mine (a previous blackra1n jailbreak) and the new iTunes refused to sync until I restored it…sneaky little apple bastards!

  • maja

    THANK YOU,thank you thank you thank you ……..and …THANK YOU

  • Pooh Bear

    hi guys i hav a 3gs 16g 3.1.2 bb05.11.07 it was jb not unlock with blackra1n n working fine until i accidentaly use SPIRIT and i got the apple logo. i try to blackrain it but comes up wit an error, geohot has a new blackrain but all i’m gettin is his picture on my fone and my comp says jailbreak waiting on reboot , i’m afraid to restore n update .

    i had sync wit itunes 9.1.1 b4 it all happen but it not recognizing my phone should i restore n update? i’m afraid 2 lose my base band and firmware.
    can someone plz email me at elecpooh348@yahoo.com

  • Fredd

    what do i do when the iphone is stuck on the apple logo

  • WTF

    I bought he Missus the I-ron App LOL

  • jt

    I call BS. The headphone jack for any iPhone is at the top, not at the bottom like this thing.

  • Yurdle

    lmfao. You are so wrong and so late. The jailbreak was released awhile ago and it works perfect.

    Also if you knew your apple products you could tell that it’s an iPod touch like they said it was. In this case the headphone Jack is exactly where it should be.

    So take your BS and shove it. =p

    Sent from my unteathered jailbroken iPod touch 3G with the headphone jack on the bottom right =)

  • Yurdle

    Oh forgot to mention

  • SN3AKN

    IT works with the 05.12 etc and all boot roms, please if you need to donate money for this jailbreak, dont hesitate, They deserve every cent.

    They accept paypal transfer, to the account of mark_sn3ak1@hotmail.com

  • daveo

    This software failed badly on me, I had to wipe the iphone completely to get it working again, it’s not worth the aggravation and the hours of time you might loose.

    The best way to jailbreak 3.1.3 is to use redsnow .94 and point it to the previous version of the iphone software when it asks (3.1.2) and then it will jailbreak your phone.

  • daveo

    Just to add to that, if spirit screws your phone up and causes you iphone to get stuck on the apple logo then google how to put you iphone in recovery mode, then do a full restore.

  • juan villegas

    used spirit to jailbreak my iphone 3gs 3.1.3. fast and easy but i got one problem, when i want to transfer some file like themes, i can’t access the root folder using ifunbox oriphonebrowser. both progams telling me that i have not jailbroken my iphone.. does anyone knows how to fix this problem??
    Thanks in advance…

  • 1012181

    Does ‘Spirit’ work 4 the latest version?


    Im n need of desperate help.. my iphone 3gs was jailbroken by spirit and i accidentlly hooked it up to my itunes and allowed it to upgrade my iphone. Now the apps that i gained with my jailbreak are still on my phone yet they dont work… is there any way to get the jailbreak back or will i be forced to wait untill there is a jailbreak for the 4.0 version??/

  • Cristian B

    Good times