I think I’m with Angi on this one. I generally don’t pay for apps. But, if I really need an application because it performs certain tasks, and I can’t find anything in the free section, I have to buy it. Remote Jr. by Pratik Kumar is definitely one of those applications.

I’m one of those nerds that is constantly trying to find a way to incorporate my iPhone into my everyday life, thus eliminating other remotes and devices. Like when my MacBook is connected to my TV, instead of having an actual wireless keyboard and mouse, I use my iPhone with an app like Logitech’s Touch Mouse App.

This proved to be very handy as I could sit quite a distance from my TV and MacBook and pull up webpages, search movies on YouTube, and click through photos. I even had applications that would control my iTunes and the front row applications on my MacBook.

These were all great, but I discovered that what I really wanted was the ability to see the screen of my desktop on my iPhone, as I was controlling it. Just imagine all the possibilities (I say that with a joker-like grin with my hands in a Mr. Burns ‘excellent’ pose).

After sifting through Apple’s App Store I didn’t see a whole lot of options. As I started to filter out applications by options (desktop view, mac OS X compatible, etc…) it really just came down to Remote Jr.

After reading that the application also offered the ability to connect to  a laptop or desktop over the internet I had no problem dropping the $7.99. The fact that it included a built in front row remote mode was also an added bonus.

But the real value is in the fact that it doesn’t have to be on the same network as the computer you are trying to connect to. In general most remote control apps require that you be on the same wireless network as the connecting device, Remote Jr. apparently didn’t get that memo.

I had to try this out. From my wireless network at work, I was able to see my MacBook that I left open at home. Without having to mess with the settings, I pressed on my MacBook’s icon (that I had setup that morning), and within seconds I was connected to my MacBook at home. I was able to pull up pictures and type a to do list for when I got home.

The coolest thing was probably, right as I was leaving work, I set a playlist up in itunes to start playing. Not just any playlist, but a list of awesome songs that I would love to come home to. Sure enough, after a quick 10 minute commute, I opened my front door to “Welcome to the Jungle” by The Guns and Roses. Que 5 minute air guitar solo, “nunna nunna knees! knees! knees!”

So back to the application. It really seemed to impress more around every corner. Initial setup is a breeze. You run remote helper on your client mac or PC, and you open Remote Jr. on your iPhone. No entering in long and confusing IP addresses, no constant clicking “find” or “search”, like all of us have come to expect with apple products, it just worked.

The front row mode on the phone performed like a champ, I was able to watch DVD’s browse pictures, and of course play music, all from any room in my house.

Now, for some people, especially those who plan on doing a lot of typing, they may want to go with a full size wireless keyboard. The tiny keyboard on the iPhone screen won’t meet everyone’s needs. There is also some lag when switching from front row remote to live desktop and other modes, so if that is going to bug you, stay away. But for my needs, this app was perfect.

If you’re looking for a way to control your computer from across the living room or across town, at $7.99 Remote Jr. is perfect for you too. Especially if you are a Mac user, this might be your best option for a desktop view capable remote application (and if you know of a better one, link it in the comments, we’ll check it out).

Any question or comment, please feel free to ask.

  • jgr627

    Sounds pretty cool….I’ve been using logmein for some time now n have no problems….it does everything the app you mentioned with the expection of rowmote….but if you liked remote jr you should def like logmein

  • Matthew Panzarino

    Mocha VNC is free and it works natively with Apple Remote Desktop.

  • Alvaro

    There is also the LogMein App, although it’s $29.99, quite expensive.

  • Robert

    I was a big fan of LogMeIn till someone showed me Remote Jr.
    I was ashamed having spent $30 on an app that works just like vnc free.

    Remote Jr is like taking all popular remotes like airmouse, rowmote, hipporemote, logmein, put it in a magic box, shake and you get Remote Jr.

    Hands down, Remote Jr is the big daddy of remotes.

  • jgr627

    Def going to try that app have been sleeping on it for quite some time but thanks for putting up the article n for the comments

  • greytone

    I have both logmein and wyse but was reimbursed for each because I use them for work. Still, I’ll look into this one just for the hell of it. I also tried VNC but didn’t like leaving the door open for its connection.

  • Reaction

    Why don’t you try Teamviewer? It is for free and you can use it for every Computer in the world. You just need a Internet connection. I have tried it. It works pretty well. The only thing is that you have to type a code. Perhaps there is also a easier way but i haven’t found it yet.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this program! I’ve been looking for something cheap and versatile. This is both and much more. I love this blog! 🙂

  • I think this is pretty cool that it is possible I recently bought a new macbook pro 13in and I am loving it. I wish I could log onto it with my Iphone remotely and use it not only for music but to control my documentation. Mobileme is good as well, but it very slow pulling up things and updating on my Iphone 3g.

  • Derek

    As for me,i prefer use ActyMac DutyWatch Remote.It’s prog for computer monitoring.I use it’s for record all website visited my kids and remote control my Mac from iPhone.

  • Ernesto

    I’m using LogMeIn and it is great. But I will also try this app you’re talking about.

  • Nancy

    I prefer to use ActyMac DutyWatch Remote.
    It is a computer monitoring and recording program that is capable of capturing every software used, every website visited, every keystroke made, even every instant message chat.

  • Mike

    Thanks for advice, ActyMAc DutyWatch is great!!!

  • Linda

    As for me, I prefer to use ActyMac DutyWatch Remote as well.

  • Andrew Somers, MPH

    does anyone know of an app that can. remotely start a turned off pc?