app store gift

Giving an iTunes gift card is cool, but I think it’s even cooler to be able to give specific apps as gift, and that’s what Apple just made possible.

According to Mashable, this new feature has come to the App Store, allowing you to gift specific iPhone apps to other users.

On the drop-down box on each application’s page (next to the “Buy” button) there’s now an option that says “Gift This App.” From that point, you then just enter in details like name, e-mail address and the message that you want to include.

Apparently this feature has been around forever and allowed you to gift music from iTunes. I wasn’t aware of it until today. A pretty simple bu neat feature… What do you think? [Via Download Squad]

  • Steve mobs

    I think jailbreaking someones iPhone and giving them installous is a better gift

  • apg313

    @Steve Mobs

  • Hmmm that’s great and what makes it even better is you can redownload purchased apps for free all I have is to games sonic the hedgehog 1 by sega and the sims3 by ea those games suck but I’ll by happy to give them to people who want it

    • Casey

      Hey bradley012345 could you send me sims 3

    • alexander

      I’m not sure how to gift an app i already own, say if i no longer want it (but know someone will appreciate it). that goes under ‘second-hand’ – would i pay the full price of the app? – i’m pretty sure.

  • Terence

    i have a problem, how do recipient get the app? I gave an app to my cousin via “gift this app”. But my cousin couldn’t retrieve it. At first i thought he didn’t know how to do it because he just started using iPhone. But when i tried retrieving it, it wouldn’t work either. I am actually not very familiar with iTunes, i’ll admit that. Can anyone kindly tell me how to retrieve the app into my cousin’s iPhone.

    Anyways, this is what i did. My cousin received an email saying someone send him an app. We click on the “redeem” button and it shows to open “Itune”. We clicked on it and iTune appear on the screen and the app WAS downloading. When it completes, i try to look for the app in the itune that was already on the screen. I couldn’t find the app anywhere and it clearly state that downloading of the app is complete.

  • JB123

    same issue as Terence. What gives? I thought I was pretty familiar with iTunes… but the app just isnt showing up. The strange part is, it shows it as a “purchase” in the recipients purchase history but is nowhere else to be found. Bizarre

    • Try connecting the iPhone/itouch to the computer. Then on the sidebar on the left, click on the iPhone/itouch. After you clicked, click at the top where it says “apps” (above the information about memory and picture of your device). Select the checkbox “sync apps” and select the apps you want. The one that was gifted should be there. Finally click apply/sync and wait for it to finish. Enjoy

  • tcrown

    You can’t gift apps between the U.S. and Canada, really lame that.

    • Ben M

      I’m having the same problem too.. Trying to send an apps to a friend abroad.. Apparently due to some copyright legalities iTunes Appstore will prevent anyone from doing so.. Sad, but true 🙁

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