Kyle of iFixIt sent me an interesting infographic putting the iPhone 3GS and the Nexus One side by side to compare their hardware.

According to Kyle, the Nexus One deserves more attention because its hardware is really quite impressive, and yet no one seems to be buying it!

Look at these numbers and tell us what you think. The Nexus One does look good on paper, doesn’t it?

iphone3Gs vs Nexus 1

Now I can’t wait to see how the next iPhone will compare to the Nexus One. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s gonna kick its butt…

  • Jill

    “Cost per gram”???

    Huh? You really buy your cell phones based on “how much will a pound of them cost”?


  • greytone

    Like to see the next iPhone against the upcoming EVO, which is looking mighty nice.

  • Dylan

    I No Where the GPS is in the Nexus One. And the 3GS has an OLED screen to. and nexus is 27 million in Graphic p. and it cost $15 if u do it ur self on the iphone 3gs

  • Dylan

    and $50 dollars for the nexus on if u do it ur self.

  • Iphonerd

    Who said nobody buying it πŸ™‚ I bought one for my wife πŸ™‚ now I am comapring iPhone 3gs n nexus one. I can c n1 is lightning fast compared to 3gs. But the touch sensation on the iPhone is better.. All over honestly I prefer n1 now. I was agaist for all phones in the market but for iPhone!!! However I guess after dealing with n1 I have a change of mind πŸ™‚ I am sure I will not buy an iPhone 4.0 for sure, for many reasons. I am pretty sure that they might have cloesd all holes by now n no more jail break or unlock on the new iPhone. Will update more abt iPhone 3gs vs n1 as I’m still comparing them πŸ™‚

  • DarkReaper

    Finally I see ppl who realize how iPhone is not the best! The Nexus One is definitely more worth the money!

  • iPhoNerd

    One thing I am sure that I agree with Dark Reaper. N1 is definitely more worth the money than iphone!!! sorry iphone fans if I disappoint you, well get to the fact. I am not saying n1 is greater than 3GS. but with the data plan and at&t locked forever, no external storage, no changeable battery, no multitasking, no better camera, no flash, no adobe flash (not yet on n1 either, but on its way), I would definitely say 3GS is not worthy compared to n1. well, there is a big disappointment with N1 as well, as I mentioned before, the touch sensitivity is better on 3GS, no big deal but still… other than that I cannot find any better on 3GS.

    Native google appls works like a charm on N1. I use google a lot for my personal and business use. I am using my 3GS currently and I will definitely get the next gen n1 or better at& t compatible (well I am a GSM guy and hate tmobile, so no other choice πŸ™‚ ) phone in the future. Being a iphone user for nearly 3 years, I recommended a lot of my friends and almost all of them got into iphone era. But there was no competition that time. Its good for consumers that there are some competition coming up. Give google some time and N1 or next gen N1 will definitely reach the figure to match iphone sales, soon or later!

  • Very interesting comparison. I am hearing more and more about iPhone rivals at the moment and have to say it is seriously making me think about checking out the competition. I think a mass comparison of the real rivals is needed, there are too many for me to keep a track on now!

    Many people seem to swear by the HTC series of phones. I have no experience of these but they do look nice.

    reviews like this will be essential for anyone like myself who are starting to feel left behind. Its getting a bit like Windows releases…. which should i have now!?!