For those of you disappointed by the unofficial release of BlackSn0w RC2 that only unlocks baseband 05.11.07, here is something to warm you up a bit.

I found the following video on Twitter via MuscleNerd and Pjer_pixie0809. It shows some Turkish dude opening up an iPhone to reflash the baseband to baseband 04.26.08.

As I said, don’t try this at home! Pretty cool, huh?

  • Mahyar

    I would love to do that if they told how to do it!

  • Jeffery

    Yeah for real. Give some instruction lol

  • My guess is that this is some company that does this as a service.
    So probably one could send the phone in and have it downgraded.

    However I wonder what would happen if you try to use your warranty after this, it looks as if he uses a knife to remove a warranty seal holding the two metal plates together.

  • Muhammad Naeem

    Apple iPhone 3G

    I’m one of those guys who pressed OK for the iTunes updates. Well I didn’t even know that I would have to unlock my phone before today.
    Anyways, I tried this with my 3G 3.1.3. The jailbreaking went fine as indicated by Alex. But then when running Fuzzyband it fails to downgrade. I get the following:
    Fuzzyband Downgrader 1.0
    Bootloader Version 0.00
    Baseband Version 0.00
    iPhone OS Version 3.1.3
    Not Supported
    From Cydia, I thought this was supposed to be Fuzzyband 2.0 …
    Also why is it unable to find the bootloader and baseband versions?

    But Now I Find Some Info Through Some Sources That The Unlock Available Launched But Unluckly That Time Is Supporting iPhone 3.1.3 With 5.11. Baseband But I’ve 5.12. So, How Long I’ve To Wait For My iPhone’s Unlock…?
    Please Help Me On This …


  • shalim

    it can unlock with software you know