iphone no contract

Gizmodo got their hands on a leaked Apple internal documentation that says that they are now selling iPhones without a contract.

Until now, if you wanted to buy an iPhone from Apple, you had to show proof that you were an AT&T customer. This policy is a thing of the past and you can now go to the Apple Store and buy one iPhone a day at full price without a contract.

Why is Apple doing this? Probably to make some room in their inventory for new iPads, but most likely to start getting rid of these “old” iPhones, since they will be refreshed in just a few months now.

If you were thinking about buying one of these babies, keep in mind that you will not be able to jailbreak and unlock for a while as these iPhones are locked on firmware 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.07.

  • Colten

    Does this mean u can use those iPhones on any contract or still just AT&T?!

  • Just AT&T

  • Executioner

    I miss the point. These are not unlocked by default? Then why pay top $$$? I’m still in search of an iPhone that will let me tether. No chance these have that option enabled? My 3GS is on 3.1.3 / 5.12.07 so it became useless…