blacksn0wI just read in the MMI forums that an iPhone hacker going by the name of msft.guy has put together a new package for  BlackSn0w to work on iPhone 3.1.3 with baseband 05.11.07. It also appears that this “update” to BlackSn0w fixes the bug that causes issues with WiFi.

Apparently this has been tested by several people and it works flawlessly on both iPhone 3G and 3GS. But will it be released? According to the MMI post,

It appears that msft.guy has no intention of publicly releasing the fix and GeoHot is nowhere to be found to comment on the issue.

I personally don’t think GeoHot cares much about this at all. At this point, I actually don’t think anyone cares at all about this BlackSn0w unlock. Whoever “accidentally” upgraded their iPhone to 3.1.3 is now stuck on the newer 05.12.07 baseband, for which there is still no unlock. What’s really needed now is a jailbreak/unlock for OTB iPhone 3.1.3.

  • ben

    couldnt agree more. kinda useless imo

  • s7ewar7

    Great. The guys dug a tunnel out of a jail no-ones in and he wants to keep it secret? Someone wake me up when we can get out of OTB 3.1.3 🙂

  • Please just release I stupid unlock for 5.12 :).
    I’m dying here on my Nokia E71, since I can’t use my iPhone.
    I didn’t even accidentally upgraded to 3.1.3. My iPhone got stuck and only iTunes could revive it. Stupid recovery forced me to upgrade!
    i didn’t knew until then, that I could adjust my hosts file to prevent iTunes from contacting the iTunes Servers 🙁

  • Jeffery

    I just want to get away from tether boot… Stupid newer model 3gs…

  • T-Mizzle

    I really don’t understand what all this means. Forgive me for not being tech savvy and old. I have not done the unlock or jailbreak on my new iPhone 3GS 16 MB… I still love it, though! I tried to weigh the pros and cons. I plan on paying for the warranty Apple offers, but that warranty will be void if I jailbreak or unlock (right?)
    There are a few things I WISH I could have on the iPhone: A symbol on the top of the springboard to remind me that my phone is on mute, and folders for my pictures so I could separate videos from pictures.
    So from what I understand, the only thing jailbreaking and unlocking does is allow me to personalize the phone and maybe add these things that I’d like. Is it worth it?

  • QD

    so greatttt

    just release it fast…

    i need that blacksnow….

  • Brian

    Good to see there are others working on exploits but whats the point if he isnt going to release it?

    Sorta sounds like @GEOHOT as he loves to screw with people…..I remember GEO tweeting about how EASY this unlock would be..BUT THAT HE AINT DOING IT……I think he just enjoys attention and wanted to get everybody begging him to do the unlock..why else would he even tweet that “IT IS EASY…BUT I WONT DO IT”?

    LOL..Cause he wants 10,000 people to beg him to do it….He lacks attention in ‘real life’ so must seek it on the net.

    Of course there is ‘no comment’ by @GEOHOT and of course he ‘doesnt care’…he never did care…but my money says he will comment eventually and it will likely be as laughable as most of his B.S. is.

    Personally, I hope we never hear from nappy head again..I hope he never works on an unlock or JB ever again……EVERYSINGLE exploit he has EVER done was buggier then an insect convention…..His ‘exploits’ cause far too much harm to far too many people…the unlock/jb community does not need him…..We need REAL devs that can not only put out a good exploit, but also lend support or tries to fix issues after the release…..look at the facts…The DEV TEAM will not take DONATIONS..They make that very clear…NO DONATIONS…..Then you have GEO who begs for donations, says he wont do bla bla bla..but when $10k is offered he suddenly says “MAKE THE OFFER LEGIT AND I’LL DO IT”..and then says…’I always wanted to do was never about the money’….sheez..I could go on and on….but the facts are pretty clear…..DEV TEAM will NOT take your money…..GEO WILL BEG FOR YOU TO DONATE…..DEV TEAM puts out reliable exploits and they back it up with support and attempt to fix any bugs while helping others who are having issues…..And they do this for FREE!! Then you have GEO who begs for money and then puts out exploits that are so buggy the internet is filled with people that have useless paperweights thanks to GEO’s buggy ass crap and GEO ignores the bugs, ignores the problems and even slaps those who are having problems right in the face with his riduclous comments….he either ignores people…or worse, he tells people his exploit is PERFECT and that the tens of thousands if not more people that used it and ended up with bricked devices that THEY ARE IDIOTS and DID SOMETHING WRONG…LMAO..The only thing these people did wrong was using/trusting GEO’s crap in the 1st place……I know it worked for many, but it failed for just as many and this is a FACT….

    Right now, I would trust the DEV team and nobody else….they arent perfect, but at least they care…..they wont take your money even if you offer it..they work hard on these exploits..they work hard on fixing any bugs..they workd hard at helping others with issues….Or you can give your $$’s to GEO who BEGS FOR DONATIONS and admittedly, rushes his work and pushes it out WITHOUT THOROUGH TESTING and then disappears and could care less about any bugs his exploit has or issues that so many people get after using his CRAP….

    And lest not forget that GEO is also a liar for lack of a better term….he begged people to help him win some balloon contest and in return he said he would work on exploit..only AFTER he lost did he tell the MANY that halkped him thinking they would be geting back something in return, instead got the excuse “I was only going to help IF I WON”…..

    Face it..GEO is a very immature and untrustworthy egomaniac.

    I’d love 10 minutes alone with him in a dark alley somewhere…1 minute to kick his butt and the other 9 to watch him cry for his mommy……LMAO….Wonder how many others would like to do the same ;>)

  • NonoKurd

    Jailbreaking multiplies iPhone potential by 10. It can definetly help you acheive what you are looking for. Once you have installed “Cydia”, you need to lookup such apps as “Notifier” & “iFile”.

  • T-Mizzle

    WOW! Brian sure did write a lot about GEOHOT! Are they ex-lovers having it out on the internet or something? Just curious..

  • T-Mizzle

    Thank you, NonoKurd, — ok you say multiply it’s potential by 10, but do you mean the customization only? And is it worth not having the warranty in exchange for being able to customize a few things?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me these things!

  • Dylan


    People DID ACTUALLY update by accedent. MY friend went to download more music and apps via his XPS and it atomaticly upgraded. It has happened to a few other ppl i no and each time i was with them. the fone atomaticly updates. its stupid

  • SJ

    Ivan: what do you mean when saying this: “i didn’t knew until then, that I could adjust my hosts file to prevent iTunes from contacting the iTunes Servers”?

  • @SJ You can change some values in your hosts file to prevent iTunes from talking to the real iTunes Servers. Therefore preventing an automatic update in case your iPhone gets stuck on boot or something.

  • Brian

    Me and GEO lovers?

    LMAO…..Gee, can ya tell how much love and respect I have for ole nappy head?

    Frankly, I doubt GEO has ever had any lovers let alone a girlfriend….maybe a boyfriend but I cant see any FEMALE being anything but DISGUSTED by nappy head……

    As far as this new exploit, I have to agree that it may help some but not those that have updated…….But all I really care about is that GEO never does another unlock/JB ever again……If his common sense matched his IQ he would simply help the DEV team with coding, but leave the actual developement of the exploit, the release of the exploit and the support for the exploit, to the experts……He is incapable of putting out non buggy stuff..he has no suport..he ignores and denies there are issues…….He is far too immature to do anything correctly and he needs a serious attitude adjustement. But with so many geo haters out there, I think he’ll get that attitude adjustement(sp?) …;>)

  • T-Mizzle

    Thanks again, NonoKurd! So— once I install Cydia, I won’t be able to buy the extended warranty from Apple, right? I’m scared! LOL

  • ExiPhone

    @Brian: I agree with you. And to Geo”wannabe”Hot: Either release the damn solution, or forget it and be quiet! What kind of “Hackers” are you and your Dev Team “Crew” if you play safe?! It was always like this: Producers make a product, Hackers trying to figure out. Plain and simple. And you? “Let’s wait until…, they could fix it…” Of course they are going to fix it, one way or another! Find another way in! What the f**k?! Say that you want money for your work, and 99% of the people will pay. Period. Don’t be a p***y and act like this, not cool, not at all.

    P.S.: I’m not Geo’s lover… 🙂

  • James

    How do I know which “baseband” I have though? I mean in all these essays theres not one bit of information that tells the person how to determine this.

    Also I have an iPhone 3GS. It has 3.1.3.

    How do I unlock it? Which link should I choose. And furthermore is there way to wipe ALL my data on it first and THEN jailbreak it, then unlock it?

    I’d really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this…

  • mia

    ggrrr.. stupid 3.1.3…!!
    i updated my iphone last night and I didn’t know that it will be stuck only for emergency calls!! and i don’t have the supported sim carrier now to activate my iphone! ggrr!!! and now I can’t even unlock it beacuse of that stupid new baseband 05.11.07!