iphone 4g

One of my friends asked me the other day if the iPhone 4G was just a rumor or was going to be reality. The truth is it’s somewhere in the middle.

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be a new iPhone coming out sometimes in July. If you were on the fence about buying an iPhone now, I’d suggest you wait a few month for the next generation.

There is a big misconception about the so-called iPhone 4G: its name! Apple called the second generation iPhone “3G” because it was “3G capable”, 3G being the Third Generation wireless digital standard for fast data transmission.

For Apple to call their new phone the iPhone 4G, it would take it be to be 4G capabale. The problem is that we’re still a few years away from 4G to be deployed in the States, so don’t hold your breath for an iPhone 4G because this is not happening anytime soon. However, get ready for a badass new iPhone this summer!

  • Mathias Wiklund

    I wish Apple would start encouraging European customers soon. We had 4G in Sweden for 6 months now…

  • Alex

    I think is properly going to be called “iPhone HD”. I’ve been on youtube a lot these days and I’ve seen the video of that new iPhone HD and a lot of people have said it was fake but if that video was fake then is the BEST fake I’ve seen EVER! Go to youtube and check it out for yourself. Just search for iPhone HD and it should pop up as the first one.

    But yeah, I agree with you Sebastien…there isn’t going to be any iPhone 4G because there isn’t any 4G internet speed available yet….well, not here in the states there isn’t.

    I really hope this new iPhone has a lot more features than what the iPad has. I remember people hyping the iPad up like it was going to have a dishwasher and an automatic vending machine installed in it and it turned out to be one GIANT iPhone 2G.

  • Pottsburg

    Mathias Wiklund thats because Sweden is the size of California and they prob only need 12 4g towers to cover the very populated cities. they are not gunna offer a 4g if it only covers NYC and LA

  • sprint is using 4G technology so i don’t know where you got the info that the 4G network would be a couple of years from now.

  • Thanks for that info.
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Mathias Wiklund

    Pottsburg> Fair point. I just hate that Apple solely bases their hardware in their products for the U.S market when both the European and Asian markets already implemented 4G base structures and continues to expand on it.

    I’m not saying that Sweden specifically has a huge consumer base compared to the U.S (10% of the Swedish population owns a iPhone, same for Norway. Don’t know about the other European countries but i reckon they’d be about same)

  • Ernesto

    I like how sabastian wrote
    “get ready for a badass new iPhone this summer”

  • Quote ” I’d suggest you wait a few month for the next generation.”

    Did you mean to put an ‘s’ in months?

  • Alex

    Hey guys, after reading the lastest on the “iPhone 4G” I decide to do a little bit or web search and found this. Let me know what you guys think about it.


  • iPhone 3GS


    those pics have fake written all over it. they did a horrible job trying to mimic Apple’s industrial design look.

  • Dylan

    Well, Sprint’s speeds are faster than Verizon, and Sprint claims 4G Networking, so ya. If your going to buy an iPhone, wait til’ Motorola Launches a chip set for all phones, witch allows switching plans and carriers on the device itself

  • Why not if apple has said it in feature then they will do it easily and they made so many efforts do bring iphone 3g and 3gs why not they will do tremendous efforts to bring iphone 4g and in near feature they will bring iphone 4gs advance technology

  • Rohan

    yawn…ppl only say iphone 4g to mean tht it is the 4th generation,nobody doubts tht it wont hv 4g capabilities..pointless post

  • WOW!

    does anyone know if 3.1.3 can be jailbroken, and if what, with what Windows program?

  • Jbreak!!

    yes 3.1.3 can be jailbroken… look it up on youtube.. i’ve done it with sn0wbreeze

  • Jbreak!!

    I also agree with the blog.. its not gonna be a 4g phone.. apple and att are “still in bed togeather” Look at the iPad it uses the micro sim card.. as of now ONLY att supports tho also apple would release a phone that all the existing iphone users couldnt upgrade to.. unless they release 2 versions of it one for 4g and one for 3g…

  • The iPhone 4g looks good does it come with 3g network

  • Emre erdogan