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In the ModMyI repo today we have a new package called Circuitous, which is another app switcher, but this one has a more different approach which some of you might like.

Dan Zimmerman, the author calls Circuitous a “custom app switcher”. Circuitous shows applications in a dock on the right side of your springboard.


The app activation methods are controlled by Activator, the superb centralized gestures and button management for iPhone OS which is developed by Ryan Petrich. It’s good to see more and more apps who use Ryan Petrich’s library.

Apart from showing the dock (with an activation method you choose from Activator), Circuitous has an option to cycle through open apps (both forward and backward) by letting you choose the activation method to cycle through the open/backgrounded apps.

From my own experience, I find Circuitous very user friendly and less obtrusive than the other apps, as it covers only part of your springboard and not the whole page.

For activating the dock I have chosen the Home Button double press ( used to be kirikae on that spot, but now I activate kirikae by double tapping on the status bar).

Circuitous joins the rank of apps such as ProSwitcher and Kirikae, and the best thing of all these is that they use Activator to manage their activation settings.

Try it for youself, it’s free and of course share you thoughts about it.

Jeton is a 28 y/o Albanian who loves to play and try new Cydia tweaks and apps. He believes that the jailbreak scene is a showcase of the creative geniuses and the beautiful minds of the people that make the iPhone more that it was meant to be. You can find Jeton on Jeton on Twitter where he also has an iPhone Dev list where he keeps up with all things Cydia.

  • Marian Rick

    I already use this backgrounder and i think it works with much less performance!

  • Alex

    This is by far the worst app switcher. I love using ProSwitcher which is a lot better and looks 20 times better too! I give Dan Zimmberman credit but I think he should update this with a little bit better graphics and more options.

    Out of 10 stars…this app gets 5 stars!

  • Francesco Suarez

    can some1 plz tell what theme he’s using on the pictures plz i like it but idk the name of it

  • Alex

    @ Francesco Suarez…it looks like he’s using the faust theme with shrink in order to make the icons small like that.

    I provided the link so you can download it. Now, don’t ask me how to install it or anything like that because is like this… I can lead you to the water…I just can’t make you drink it!…LOL….well, you know what I mean!

  • Francesco

    @Alex thanks yo u helped me alot I’ll figure it out by myself thanks

  • Jeton

    @Francesco Suarez & Alex
    Actually the theme is by Manic Nimrod and it’s called ThirtyTwo which you can find it here

    Some of the icons are not from the theme itself, I’ve collected them from various sources.

    If you want the theme, I’d e-mail it to you 🙂

  • Bryan

    I installed it and like it a lot. One thing I really like is that I can open Circuitous dock within an app and from the lock screen. Really handy.

    One thing though thats not so good. When I want to close an app that is backgrounded from the dock, I often open the app by accident. I have little round circle rather than the X’s shown in the picture btw.

  • Brian

    Not bad, and it even let’s you load up the dock on the lock screen which is nice but also bad as it completely bypasses the unlock process when you select a running app. Handy yes, but bad for security.

  • Adam

    @brian because you can’t disable that or anything…

  • Brian

    @Adam… well you can with the update that was released just a little while ago. haha I spoke too soon. The dev must have heard me.

  • Phil


    I just downloaded the app, and I don’t see any option to disable it coming up in the lockscreen, how do you do that?

  • Brian

    In “Settings” under Circuitous it’s simply called “LockScreen”

  • Cloud_kjo

    I’ve tried this. I like it, however when I activate the dock or do the app cycling, the apps which supposed to be stay in background is still being closed.

    Is there something I miss?


  • Z

    Way better, faster than proswitcher. In combination with backgrounder, I set up double home click for dock activation and short hold for backgrounding. Works as a charm if you also set the volume keys for forward/backward app switching. All done through activator.

  • Z

    One bug noticed. Tho default app iPod is disabled, it starts up almost every respring or reboot.

    iPhone 3gs 3.1.3 jb’ed with Spirit.
    Looking forward to an update.

  • nocensangelus

    @Jeton how do you get the dock at the bottom to look like that?