Until now if you wanted to click on a link in the description of an app in the App Store on your iPhone, well, you couldn’t. Links were not clickable, which sometimes was very inconvenient.

app store link

A Small but noticeable change, Apple finally made these links clickable. I found out about it today while updating Tweetie.

Or maybe it’s been here forever and I’m just figuring it out?

Update: @TouchReviews told me on Twitter that links have been clickable only in the ‘updates’ section. Very amateurish of me; I should have know that.

  • but why is it that apple don’t allow clickable links in the app store?

  • whats your amazing appstoreskin?

  • @Marian It’s a tweak called Matte UI. You can find it in Cydia and activate with WinterBoard

  • Nice to know that links in App Store Apps Descriptions are clickable. Thanks for the update.

  • Tea

    Apple clearly specifies appstore descriptions are the app-maker’s responsibility.
    Most app makers just want to link innocuous stuff (reviews etc…)
    But lots of unrelated stuff would creep in unless links are filtered.
    So I’d like links to be clickable… but for now they aren’t, and allowing that may cause more delays in apps being accepted/description updates appearing in-store.

  • It’s really glad to heard about this news. Thanks for sharing with us