ipad pre order

I’m just curious to see if any of you actually preordered an iPad. I didn’t for the simple reason that I’m currently out of the country. I think I will buy my iPad in France when going there in a couple of months.

  • I’m not an early adopter. I’ll wait for the 2nd generation iPad. In the meantime, I’ll be happy with the 4th generation iPhone. 🙂

  • Jacob

    I agree with Clay. But I will wait further with 4th gen iPhone too as I know it won’t be quite possible to unlock/JB it. So far I’m pretty happy with my JB 3GS with OS 3.1.2 🙂

  • Pieter

    Let me know whenever you go to bruges in belgium xp.
    Oh and I will just buy a ipad whem it comes out here at the end of april

  • iverge

    I’m gonna wait until Apple ups it’s “game” with the iPad. More of a netbook and less of a reader.

  • Alex

    I’m going to wait longer than any of you guys. I’m going to wait until the iPad becomes the next Apple-Bandai Pippin! I think I won’t have to wait long though…I think once this “magical and revolutionary” product gets out…people are going to see what a waste of money it really is and the price would drop to about 26 mexican dollars….LOL. In the mean time, I’m perfectly fine with my iPhone 3GS jailbroken/unlocked…with over 112 amazing apps and counting!

  • no, i wont buy one until they get flash, multitasking and telephone or someone gives me one…lol

  • SirTony

    I’m sure my JB iPhone can do everything and more than whatthe ipad can. I pass.

  • rn3sto

    I will if it get jailbroken. as everybody else.

  • Juan

    Haha. I love how you used strikethrough in the image. Definiately not magical nor revolutionary. Leave “magical” to DisneyWorld.

    An unbelievable price? Most definiately. A rip off for what it is. A big, jailed iPod.

    If I end up getting one, it’ll be the 2nd generation just like I did with the iPhone. Didn’t get one unti the 3G.

  • pao

    I don’t need a large iPhone. I’ll wait until Apple uses a Mac OS and not an iPhone OS.

  • Jerry

    im trying to restrain myself from buying the ipad but the damn commercial makes it look so damn cool lol. i have to say apple has a very good marketing team. I think once the ipad is jailbroken it will be a godly device ESPECIALLY if they get snow leopard running on it

  • let the fact that i just spent days researching and reading reviews to purchase a 60$ mouse for my macbook show how conservative i am when it comes to purchasing my gadgets. the ipad is great in concept save the for the fact it doesnt support flash, and doesnt multitask, but i’ll have to see what the general public thinks of it after playing with them for a while. i’m sure i’ll be scouring review sites and forums after the official launch. i know that people are exciting though, aka my appe stock at 52 week high 226

  • NonoKurd

    Next Apple product I’m gonna buy will be iPhone 3GS. That is after 4th gen comes out and I can buy it for $400 CAN… And I sell my 3G for $250… BTW, some claim that Apple will actually try to capture some of the netbook market share with iPad. Since I hackintoshed my Dell Mini 10v, I already got my Apple netbook.

  • TattoozNTech

    um, how bout no Scott! y would u wanna support this massively DRM’d & shackled device? @ least wait til the come out with the nxt 1 tht should have all the stuff added tht the 1st version is blatantly missing. and how bout it’s not worth it til it’s jailbroken so u don’t just have a big iPod. how bout NOT bein a fanboy & NOT suppporting this dangerou step back in time for PC type device freedoms… so uh ya NO I didn’t buy or will I buy it until the above conditions exist…

  • Polemicist

    Engadgets poll said it all in regard to this. And I’ve now talked to over a dozen of my MacFanboy mates who are all disappointed by this product and we are all interested in the Dell Mini 10 with Snow Leopard on it. 🙂

  • Janet Figley

    Wanted to but so high in demand was sold out

  • I just cannot decide what would best suit my needs. I like all of the apple products so far. I am saving my money for a Macbook. I wanted the i phone but they were out of stock…i don’t understand the ipad.

    mary thomas