A few months ago I wrote an article showing how AT&T was going to move to a pay-per-byte model on its 3G plans. Recently, AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson confirmed this move in an interview for the WSJ.

He said that AT&T is carrying half of the nation’s wireless data traffic. He said that carriers will eventually move to a “variable pricing model,” and that it was inevitable that heavy users should pay more than low users.

I think it’s a big move that makes sense for both AT&T and its users. Of course, these new “variable pricing models” will start with the iPad which offers 250MB plan at $15/month and an unlimited plan at $30. It’s just a way to get us used to it.

What do you think? Do you welcome this move to introduce various plans depending on your data consumption?

  • A variable data plan makes sense *only* if they make it easy to:
    a) Know how much you’ve used in the current cycle.
    b) Have it cut you off instead of automatically billing you overage fees.

    Of course, neither of these will happen, so basically it just becomes another way for AT&T to gouge it’s customers.

  • Colten

    As long as they keep a unlimited plan going then i don’t care what they do. I use to much Internet for them to take it away and charge how much we use.

  • Juan

    The model you talk about is completely useless to me as I use roughly 400MB of 3G/Edge data per month. So I’m stuck at their “Unlimited” (with the 5GB cap)..

    I would welcome if if there was a $20 for 500MB. I would jump on that.

  • Ivana

    I don’t mind if some get charged less for less usage, as long as my bill doesn’t increase. I’m a heavy data user, and I don’t think I could afford a price hike.

  • If the 250MB is $15 and unlimited is $30, any overage shouldn’t make the bill more than what the unlimited plan costs. Like that will happen.

  • Spazbite

    13 hrs, 58 mins ago
    Hey guys i thought i would share this, sorry that its nothing to do with this subject, i have a jailbroken iphone3g 3.2, got snappy installed, i was at work yesterday and i locked my phone as you would when u press the power button, went to press the button again nuthing happened then pressed again quickly after and the camera app opened, but it was the 3gs camera, i was flicking the switch from camera to video, but the screen was black and couldnt shoot, iv been on all my camera and recorder apps and none of them looks like the 3gs camera that i had up, any one reckon something is gonna happen for us 3g users in an update or do you think its a glitch????

  • milly

    a little to late for me .. I switched to verizon and got a moto droid because I had no 3g coverage were i live and did not want to pay $30 for the useless coverage. I just wish aTT would stop with all the false TV comercials about how great their coverage is. I have had several phones now and the IPHONE beats any phone out there . The droid is ok but does not compare. maybe the nexus one but they dont offer it to any ne but crappy t-mobile. bad marketing on goggles part. If they fix the pricing plan and get the jailbreak fixed on the 3gs I will be back to ATT. I was a customer for 20yrs but money is money and if they cant keep up then I had to move on.

  • bob

    this bull fuck phone companies and there gay shit at&t verizon sprint their all fags

  • The prices for iphones on payg now are pretty reasonable, the internet is unlimited and unlimited texts.

  • Darq

    so my data plan is $40 right now, so it will go down to $30? Or is that ON TOP of what I already pay???