MuscleNerd recently tweeted about a new device to boot tethered jailboken 3.1.2 iDevices without pluging it to a computer. This standalone piece of hardware is called an iDongle.

Now why would you need an iDongle? You might want to get one of those babies if your jailbroken iPhone or iTouch gets stuck at the “Connect-to-iTunes” logo everytime you reboot. The iDongle will save you a trip to the computer and can be very handy if you accidentally reboot your tethered device on-the-go.

According to the creator of the iDongle, this little piece of hardware is able to tether boot your jailbroken device, and optionnally jailbreak and hacktivate it if not already done. Looks like a savior for many of you who don’t want to be able to reboot your jailbroken iPhone anywhere/anytime.

What the catch? well the catch is that the iDongle is pretty much a prototype so far. It works but the creator needs your help to start manufacturing them in large quantities. You can help by buying a prototype at a good price, or simply by donating for a pre-order. I suggest you check out the iDongle website for more information.

In the meantime, watch this video to see see the iDongle in action. It’s a bit boring but it works!

What do you think about the iDongle?

  • Irha

    Has devs given up on creating a untethered jailbreak for 3gs? I want to upgrade from 3g, but this is keeping me from doing.

  • With the release of the iPad this April, Hopefully Dev Team/Geohotz releases a jailbreak for the next firmware. Im sure they have jailbroken 3.1.3 already. The reason they dont make it public is because if they do, then Apple will have time to patch it right before the release of the iPad and then DevTeam/Geohotz will have to rejailbreak the new firmware that patched the exploit.

    Lets cross our fingers because my gf’s iphone 3gs is on 3.1.3 and is unjailbroken because of that.

  • Spazbite

    Hey guys i thought i would share this, sorry that its nothing to do with this subject, i have a jailbroken iphone3g 3.2, got snappy installed, i was at work yesterday and i locked my phone as you would when u press the power button, went to press the button again nuthing happened then pressed again quickly after and the camera app opened, but it was the 3gs camera, i was flicking the switch from camera to video, but the screen was black and could shot, iv been on all my camera and recorder apps and none of them looks like the 3gs camera that i had up, any one reckon something is gonna happen for us 3g users in an update or do you think its a glitch????

  • Spazbite

    Sorry ment to say couldnt shoot to take picture etc

  • milly

    cant access website that is referenced in post

  • Polemicist

    @Irha – I personally agree with SirTony that they are waiting for iPad and firmware 4.0 to come out. Who cares about a 0.0.1 of an update on a few new and opps 3GS users when you can have a whole digit firmware update that fixes everything.

    @Spazbite – your issue sounds software based. Don’t forget to NOT update to 3.1.3 if you do decide to reinstall your software.

    @milly – www dot myboyfriendisageek dot com

    @Sebastien – Dude nice info I don’t need this thing as my iPhone 3G will most likely be my last ever iPhone as I’ll be switching to Windows Mobile 7 or something else. But I did send this link out to my mates and I’ve found out a few of them have already donated the 30 euro for a chance to get this project underway. Nice to see dudes like that who have the skills using them for the greater good. 🙂