freaking outAs my fiancee and I are a few minutes away from boarding a flight to Cambodia, I’m freaking out at the idea that I might not be able to get a data plan for my iPhone over there.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research online and the information I got is not reassuring. Apparently you have to be a Cambodian citizen to be able to buy a SIM card. Not much of a problem as you can always pay someone to go get a SIM card for you.

The real bad news for me is that it seems you only get coverage in larger cities.

I’ve been expressing my concern to my fiancee about this several times during the past day and I think she’s getting over it. Today she said to me: “you’re nothing without your iPhone, aren’t you?”

It made me think about it for a minute and I came to realize that it’s not really my iPhone that I need most, it’s the mobile Internet access I get anywhere, anytime.

So no, I am not nothing without my iPhone. However, I’m totally miserable without a connection to the Internet that fits in my pocket.

Do you feel the same?

  • Bonafide P

    My family is from Cambodia. Haha have fun! It’s wonderful there. Make sure you go see Angkor Watt, it’s really something esle. I visited once, back in 2000, changed my views on life. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it like I did.

  • Eddie

    I forgot my phone at home once, just for 30 mins, and I felt so empty.

  • Ahmed

    No no I am nothing without my iPhone
    yesterday my class and my teacher planned a prank where they took my iPhone and said it was stolen I was about to toto the police but my teacher said I should wait a day
    needles to say yesterday was miisserable my mood was so low I went home opening iTunes and found new apps without the phone I just went to sleep for 14 hours with nightmares off whoever stole it broke it
    I went to school tomorrow only to have the teacher giving it to me and every one laughing

  • amit

    take a holiday from the internetz man, it will still be here when you get back…

    anyways that picture is just plain scary

  • I would if I could handle the challenge to get an iphone in germany thats under the price of 700€, which are up to 1000$, think thats kind a lot.

    Hope a Canadian friend can get one for me as well (;

  • Since I’ve bought my iPhone, I’ve used the internet more in my daily life. Not only do I use it a lot, but the tethering ability is awesome. When I need it, I really need it. Having a connnection to the internet in your pocket is the way to go.

  • Caddouch

    Yes , that’s true , I can’t live without my iPhone ! I can use skype anywhere to call my Bro , Mom , overseas on 3G , thanks to unrestrictor , I surf the Internet from anywhere when am bored and that happens a lot , lol

  • Spazbite

    When ever i go shopping with my girlfriend i make sure i charge my iphone so when im waiting hours for my girlfriend to try a piece of clothing on i whip it out and boom, games, internet and movies/music all in my hand gadget of the century after the internet

  • Loge

    Since you are in Asia, how about a trip to Taiwan? You will be satisfied on the 3G/3.5G coverage.

  • Alex

    Listen man…I’ve been married for about nine years now and I can tell you one thing that none of these kids can tell you. The iPhone is a great phone/tool but it doesn’t compare to your future wife. If she asked you if you’re nothing without your iPhone, that means that she wants you to put her ahead of your iPhone for once and enjoy your vacation with her. So what if you don’t have coverage in Cambodia or whatever… may have your iPhone for about 5 years until the next hip thing comes out BUT if you enjoy this trip right now with your future wife, you’ll have someone who cares about you and is going to be your best friend for the rest of your life.

    To sum everything, put the iPhone away and look up at your fiancee!

  • So true its scary!

  • Mora

    Haha..I’m from Cambodia. If you’re able to get the SIM card, then you can use the Internet on your iPhone. There’re many data plans here. The good one is 25$ for 4GB from Smart Mobile.

  • atavision

    I gotta agree with Alex, I mean it’s nice to have the world in your pocket, but wouldn’t you rather have your fiancee?

  • Joe

    Alex, thank you, you nailed.

    Put your iPhone down and live your life. I like my iPhone–don’t get me wrong–but it’s also a horrible distraction from actual life. It’s just a gadget, but unfortunately many people are truly addicted to “the now of media and entertainment” their devices provide.

    Turn off your phone; turn on your wife!


    Man, forget the future wife. She will prob leave you in a few years and cost you a fortune in a nasty divorce. Keep the Iphone and take her to McDonald’s for every meal….that is ‘if’ they have free WIFI like they do here in NC now!

  • Alex

    JFROGGE…..and that’s why you’re single properly! Sebastien, if you go with JFROGGE’s attitude then you too will be a 35 year old man living in your mom’s basement, eating pizza, watching old episodes Captain Planet on cartoon network, collecting unemployment and every once in a while….beating off to gay asian porn while your parents are at the store buying more groceries for you!

    Maybe I went a little too far but really….who keeps your warm at night….your iPhone or your fiancee? (Also, I’m not talking about your iPhone overheating using the Pocket Heat app…I’m talking about that sexy body heat)

  • Nick

    I’m right there with you man…the portability of the Internet everywhere I go is awesome!

  • NonoKurd

    My iPhone is nothing without me!